Wednesday, August 4

Barceló justifies the choice of a lawyer instead of a doctor as commissioner of the Torrevieja Hospital in the “judicialization” of the reversal by Ribera

Barceló spoke like this in the plenary session of Les Corts in response to a question from the Citizens’ deputy Fernando Llopis, who has indicated that the new commissioner “He is not from Torrevieja, he does not have any health experience” and he worries that “They only elected him for having been a Socialist Party councilor.”

According to statements collected by Efe, the councilor explained that this position It is governed by a procedure of free appointment, to which two people applied, and that the selection was made by an evaluation commission made up of 4 officials and 2 trade unionists, who indicated that both were rooted in the area and knew the position and the structure from the health department.

However, he added, the minutes of that commission indicated that the resumes varied “substantially” by the professional profile of each one, since one is a lawyer and the other is a doctor, and stressed that, since this figure will control the reversal process , it was considered “much more convenient” have a person who knows the legal world and the health world.

However, the bases governing the election by free appointment, prepared in February of this year when the reversal was already prosecuted, demanded the profile of a doctor with experience in health management, as was the case of the aspiring physician worker in the department of Torrevieja and coordinator for years of several health centers in Torrevieja.

The Minister of Health qualifies as “flawless” the election process investigated by the TSJCV after an appeal from a medical professional who aspired to the square


Barceló described as “logical” that a “legal profile” has been sought at this time, in which the concessionaire has judicialized the reversion process because “he does not understand that the end of the contract has arrived”, and also said that the chosen one has experience in human resources and in contracting the health sector.

He indicated that his appointment did not have any vote against -the officials voted in favor and the trade unionists abstained-, and has taken the opportunity to vindicate the “fantastic work” of the previous commissioner, Jose Antonio Garcia, who resigned from office in January after the controversy over his vaccination against covid and about which the Prosecutor’s Office has filed the proceedings that it opened for this matter.

According to the minister, the former commissioner had to work “in a hostile environment that has always practiced concession”, and did so “honestly, responsibly”, and there is no room for “any reproach”.

The applicant who was left out of the call was not even notified of the resolution nor was he interviewed by the commission and has appealed the decision before the TSJCV, as INFORMATION advanced.

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