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Barcelona sign Agüero | sports

Sergio Kun Agüero, in the Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea.
Sergio Kun Agüero, in the Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea.Reuters

Barcelona has made official the signing of Argentine striker Sergio Kun Agüero, who turns 33 this Wednesday and who has just finished his contract with Manchester City, the club with which he became the top scorer in its history, with 260 goals. The Argentine will be linked to Barça for two seasons and will have a termination clause of 100 million euros. It is the return of Agüero to the League. In the 2006-2007 season, he signed for Atlético de Madrid in exchange for 23 million euros. Five seasons later, after playing 233 games and scoring 100 goals, City paid 45 million for his transfer.

Agüero arrives at zero cost and will have a salary close to five million euros net. “It is a very good signing, which is done with very favorable economic conditions for the current situation of the club,” they celebrate at the Ciudad Deportiva. Barcelona needs to reduce the cost of its staff. “Today we have the wage bill at 110% of the expected income,” explained Joan Laporta. That is to say, 40% more than that recommended by UEFA. Barça, between salaries and amortizations, spends 650 million. So, while looking for an outlet for high-paid players like Griezmann, Coutinho and Dembélé, Barça is fishing, as they say at the club, “for a great market opportunity”.

Leo Messi and Sergio Agüero, with the gold of the Beijing Olympic Games.
Leo Messi and Sergio Agüero, with the gold of the Beijing Olympic Games.EFE

But the arrival of Agüero is much more than a zero-cost signing or the incorporation of an elite striker, capable of tolerating a secondary role – ”he is a good person, who makes a group. It will not bring any problems in the wardrobe. Quite the opposite ”, they say in the technical area. Agüero is Laporta’s hook to retain Messi. In the summer of 2014, when Andoni Zubizarreta, then Barcelona’s sports director, was looking for a 9, Messi had been excited to join Agüero at the Camp Nou. Barça signed Luis Suárez. He did not like it, nor had he been convinced in 2013 by the signing of Neymar. “Stop saying I’m your idol and play,” the Argentine told the Brazilian in his first season at Barça. And he was not seen to speak much with the Uruguayan the following summer either. It turns out that the three of them became great friends; neither, however, like Kun Agüero. A relationship linked to childhood and the Argentine team.

Sergio Agüero is the third top scorer of the Argentine team. On the list, he is behind Messi (71) and Batistuta (54). He has scored 42 goals. His biggest assistant is Messi, nine. How could it be otherwise, Agüero is also the one who has delivered the most goals to 10 in the Albiceleste, five, the same as Carlos Tevez. This Tuesday, Agüero and Messi will meet once again at the Ezeiza campus. For the first time in their career, they share a team. At least, for now, until the future of the 10, whose contract expires on June 30, is revealed.

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