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Bargain fitness: a Polar sports watch for only 69 euros in various colors, run, they fly!

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If you exercise regularly and want a watch that allows you to keep track of everything you do, there is a low cost model that you should consider right now.

There are companies specializing in sports gadgets that every sports lover should know about, such as Garmin or Polar, although more and more technology companies such as Apple, Samsung or Huawei are selling very, very complete sports watches.

That said, yes what you want is a cheap and competitive sports watch, there is one that fits perfectly and is now at a bargain price: the Polar Unitewhich Amazon has on offer for only 69 euros by applying the 30-euro discount coupon that appears under its price.

It is the same in several colors, such as black, pink, white or blue, all those variants in which there is stock, so you have a choice, a matter of taste.

This smart watch is designed for athletes, with a heart rate monitor and more than 100 quantifiable exercises.

Despite the price, we are talking about a very complete sports watch, and it would normally cost 149 euros, which is what the manufacturer’s official website still marks, where you can see absolutely all its features.

For example, you have a heart rate sensor that is presumed very accuratein addition to measuring the quality of sleep, calories burned and much more, the usual in sports watches, although there is more.

Polar’s software provides other elements that are worth taking into account, such as the suggested workouts and personalized exercisesadapted to your level and your data, so it’s practically a personal wrist trainer.

The battery reaches four days with normal use, so it far exceeds most of its competitors, especially if we take into account that it also synchronizes notifications from the mobile phone, whether they are calls, SMS or even messages from applications such as WhatsApp.

If there is a catch to it, it would be that does not have integrated GPSsomething that means that if you are looking for a good running watch, it is better to evaluate other options, which exist and are very good on the market.

How could it be otherwise, shipping is totally free by amazonas is usually the case with all purchases of more than 29 euros, whether you have a Prime account or not.

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