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Bargain for very fans of Apple: the AirTag for only 25 euros

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One of the newest and most interesting Apple products in recent years is now on sale for only 25 euros.

When Apple introduced its AirTags, they automatically became a great success, especially because it is the cheapest thing you can buy in the Apple catalog, but also because these locators are tremendously useful, especially for the most forgetful.

Though originally its price per unit is 35 euros (and surely they are already worth it if you are an Apple user), now they have gone down a lot, and it is that Amazon sells them for only 25 euros, the cheapest price to date.

It is a bargain that arrives just at the gates of Amazon Prime Day 2022, which is celebrated next week and that could have perfectly starred in an offer of this type, already happily advanced.

Apple tracking device that allows you to locate your objects through the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth. If you have an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, use ultra-wideband technology to pinpoint centimeter-precise.

The success is so resounding that hundreds of different versions of protectors and covers for your Airtags are already sold, made of leather, liquid silicone and many other materials.

Connected to any nearby Apple device, AirTags are capable of being located practically anywhere on the planet, and without the need to use a mobile SIM as practically all the alternatives for Android users require.

This is one of their attractions, in addition to their price and their compact size, which makes them ideal for example to locate the wallet, a backpack or even a scooter or bicycle. There are users who put them inside the frame of their bike to be able to find it in case of loss or theft.

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For now Apple keeps them at their official price, so if you want to buy the cheapest Airtag, this Amazon offer is undoubtedly the best there is or has been available so far. It also has the advantage of allowing individual purchase, since normally when there are sales you have to buy the pack of four units that you may not need.

As it is so cheap that it does not even reach 29 euros, it does not have free shipping unless you buy two units or have an Amazon Prime account, one of the essential requirements by the way to be able to access the Prime Day offers.

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