Tuesday, August 3

Bascuñana blames the Administration that there is no trace of his work in Health

The councilor, who appeared on Wednesday as investigated for an alleged crime of embezzlement before the magistrate who instructs the case, defended his activity as a Health advisor between 2007 and 2011, although it continued without providing any documentary support to prove it. As he already declared before the Anticorruption prosecutors, he assured that the advice he provided “was verbal” and specified that his activity was not assistance or inspection. He affirmed, yes, that at that time he served as a link between public medicine and private management and cited as one of the fruits of his work the constitution of the Cooperation Council in 2010.

Bascuñana, whose appearance was scheduled for a month ago but requested a postponement to coincide with a plenary session, arrived at the Orihuela courts at 10.40 am accompanied by the spokesman for the municipal group of the PP and councilor for Finance, Rafael Almagro, who escorted him into the court, and by the mayor of Hiring, Sabina galindo. None of them were objected to accessing the judicial building despite the COVID restrictions that prevent entry to those who do not demonstrate that they have a justified reason to do so.

Fifteen minutes after noon passed when the first mayor left the Palace of the Plaza de Santa Lucía with his lawyer Ricard Sala, to the two councilors and the adviser to the Mayor’s Office and former Mayor of Redován, Emilio Fernandez, which also clothed him.

The first authority of Orihuela did not want to make statements with the courts as the backdrop and the press department of the City Council, which accompanied him in his judicial appointment, summoned the media to the Plaza del Carmen, next to the headquarters of the Consistory, for a declaration of munícipe.

The councilor asserted that will request the dismissal of the proceedings and he attacked the health inspector (“of which I do not want to say the name,” he said) whose report gave rise to the cause that is now being investigated.

For the investigated, the conclusion reached by the Health inspector that for five years he was paid from the Valencian Health Service without working “is based on a hoax because he says that he had to work as a medical inspector and I could not work in that position because nobody asked me. To questions from journalists, Bascuñana declined to clarify what their functions were.

“Not only my testimonies and contributions make it clear that I worked a lot, and I want to trust that I did it well, but all the statements of the witnesses have corroborated that I fulfilled my duties and that it was known that I was in my position doing my job” , although it continued without clarifying what that position and that job was.

Separate functions

Despite the accompaniment with which he appeared in the courts, the Oriolano councilor assured that he wanted to separate his role as mayor from the judicial investigation. And he stated that he had directed the Prosecutor’s Office to stop reflecting in his reports his status as mayor. Bascuñana insisted that, although the investigation “has nothing to do” with his status as councilor, “there are interests in linking him up and trying to mix him up.” And he added that “there are those who, to harm the Orihuela City Council, justify using public administrations, such as the Conselleria de Health, with partisan ends and things as base as this. I’m enduring an ordeal, “he said without citing anyone in particular.

The mayor added that he had asked the judge “Speed” in completing the investigation. “When everything is resolved, we will initiate actions to restore the honor of Emilio Bascuñana, my family, friends and also the Corporation and the institution of the Orihuela Mayor’s Office,” he stressed. For his defense, “the complaint lacks solvency” and he stressed that “my client did not make opinions.”

On Wednesday, another former territorial official who worked in the Ministry of Health for 25 years also declared that he assured that he saw Bascuñana on one occasion.

Health and the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office maintain that the PP politician received a salary from the Ministry for several years without being able to prove what activity he was carrying out.

The municipal press office, at the service of the investigated

The two communication advisers of the Consistory accompanied the councilor in his judicial appointment

The mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, went to testify to the courts “for a personal matter” that he himself wanted to separate from his current position at the head of the City Council using the Press department of the Consistory that he directs. The two advisers that the municipal communication office has They came minutes before the regidor arrived at the Palace of Justice in the Plaza de Santa Lucía. There they warned the media posted at the door that Emilio Bascuñana would not make statements either at the entrance or at the exit and they organized an appearance of the doctor and councilor and his lawyer in the Plaza del Carmen, next to the City Hall, once he concluded his statement, as if the matter to be discussed were one more municipal press conference or an appearance as mayor.

Both press advisers, who receive a public salary from the Orihuela City Council, accompanied Bascuñana both at the entrance of the courts and at that appearance.

On the other hand, Let’s change Orihuela He asked again this Wednesday for the resignation of the mayor for his investigation. The formation considers that “the judicial walk” of the mayor “is the tip of the iceberg of a profound political irresponsibility” and criticized his “cocky and arrogant attitude,” said this opposition party.


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