Tuesday, January 25

«Basic Logic» reduces the lead of the leader «Gunter» to three points

Puerto Portals (Mallorca)



The entry into play of the second discard and the great performance of Alexander Deuring’s Basic Logic, today compressed the head of the classification of the V Puerto Portals Dragon Winter Series on a day marked by the strong intensity of the Mistral (NW) wind, that at no time did it drop below 18 knots and reached gusts of 25.

Javier Scherk’s Gunter withstood the pressure of his greatest rival and retains the lead, although his lead is reduced to three points. Powwoow, by Michael Cäsar Zankel, is third at a distance from the head that begins to seem insurmountable: 28 points with four days left until the end of the competition at the end of this month of January.

The forecast was fulfilled in the Bay of Palma.

The day dawned with a perfectly boarding wind in the NW that grew stronger as the time of the regatta approached. As is almost always the case in these conditions, the sky remained clear. At the time of the first valid start, the anemometer read 18-20 knots of 295. And there it remained, with slight oscillations that were never greater than 10 degrees, throughout the three rounds of the day.

The start of the inaugural test had to be repeated by a general call. In the second attempt it was valid and the regatta proceeded without incident, except for a change of course at 305 degrees. The next round was played in almost identical conditions. At this time, the wind reached its highest intensity in the Committee’s boat, with the aforementioned gust of 25 knots. The day ended with a final test in which the route was shortened to five sections of 0.8 miles each (compared to 1.1 in the previous two) and with a close-up finish.

The best of the day was Basic Logic, with a partial of 1 + 2 + 1 that leads him to lurk for the lead. Keep in mind that this boat has so far dropped two seventh places, while Gunter has dropped one eighth and one twelfth. This circumstance makes, if possible, the distance of three points that separates them narrower. However, the team skippered by Javier Scherk had a remarkable performance today (2 + 3 + 2) and retains the first place with which they finished the second round of the V Puerto Portals Dragon Winter Series.

Tomorrow’s day, in which weather conditions very similar to those described are expected, will put an end to the third event of the competition. From then on, the three days of the fourth and final round will remain, to be played between January 28 and 30. Since the Winter Series began last November, Puerto Portals has hosted 18 participants from six countries (Spain, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Australia).

The Puerto Portals Regatta Club, organizer of the competition, is one of the European references of the Dragon class. Between February 18 and 20, it will host the V Mediterranean Cup, in which great international participation is expected.

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