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Battles and Health of Cáceres look to the sky this Holy Monday due to the risk of rain

Departure of the Christ of the Battles from the Co-Cathedral of Santa María in Holy Week 2019. Brotherhood of the Battles. Route of the parade this afternoon. Brotherhood of Health. Route of his procession. / TODAY

The brotherhood of Santa María will take its titular image to the street after being restored and that of Santo Domingo premieres musical accompaniment

Maria Jose Torrejon

The rain threatens the departure of the two processions that form the backbone of the day of Holy Monday in Cáceres, led by the brotherhood of Battles and the Christ of Health. With an hour difference, these two brotherhoods make an exhibition in the street of the two styles that mark the way of carrying the steps in the city: the sack and the armband.

At eight o’clock in the afternoon the departure of the Cristo de la Salud from the church of Santo Domingo is scheduled and at nine o’clock, that of the brotherhood of the Cristo de las Batallas from the Co-Cathedral of Santa María. Andalusian airs and Castilian sobriety coexist at the start of the week. But this year, in addition, there are more attractions.

The Christ of the Battles will be out on the streets for the first time after undergoing a restoration in the workshops of the Berlanga family of image makers, in Bormujos (Seville). The set-up of the image has cost 1,600 euros. It must be remembered that this intervention was carried out after the image was damaged with an aggressive liquid while it was in its niche. The carving lost part of its polychromy and suffered scratches and splashes caused by the application of said liquid. The brotherhood reported what happened to the National Police. At the moment, the causes that caused the damage have not transcended.

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The Christ of the Battles will come out together with the other two images of the brotherhood, the Christ of Refuge and the Virgin of Sorrows, and will be accompanied during the parade by Cefot soldiers, given the link of this sculpture with the military. “We have stopped fearing the rain for a long time because it always rains on Holy Monday,” says Inmaculada Hernández, steward of the brotherhood. There are several plans contemplated: to do the complete route if the clouds respect, to do a shortened itinerary if the water threatens or, in the worst case, to hold a ceremony inside the Co-Cathedral of Santa María.

  • twenty
    00 hours. Departure of the brotherhood of Health from Santo Domingo. It passes through Moret, Pintores, San Juan, Roso de Luna, Pizarro, Soledad, Hornos, Gallegos, San Juan, Gran Vía, Plaza Mayor and General Ezponda.

  • twenty-one
    00 hours. Departure of the brotherhood of Cristo de las Batallas from Santa María. It passes through the Arco de la Estrella, Plaza Mayor, Pintores, San Juan, San Pedro, Donoso Cortés, Pizarro, Sergio Sánchez, San Juan, Gran Vía, Plaza Mayor, Arco de la Estrella and Santa María.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood of Health has everything ready to take its two steps from Santo Domingo at eight o’clock: the Christ of Health and the Virgin of the Star. As a novelty, it incorporates a new musical accompaniment: the group Virgen de la Vega from Salamanca and the band Nuestra Señora de la Soledad from La Algaba (Seville).

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