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Bayona, Vigo and Rodeira take the first victories of the Repsol Trophy

Bayona (Pontevedra)



The Repsol Trophy unfolded sails this Saturday in the Galician Rías Baixas with the celebration of the first of the two days from which the winners of the 43rd edition of the mythical Monte Real Club de Yates de Baiona Spring Regatta will emerge.

The competition brought together 47 sailboats grouped into cruising classes, competing under the ORC time compensation formula; and J80 and Fígaros monotypes, racing the races in real time.

There were about 300 sailors representing nautical clubs from all over Galicia and some from Portugal, who this Saturday contested a 28-mile course and 20 others, surrounding, with more or less turns, the Cíes islands of the Atlantic Islands National Park from Galicia. Although initially the regatta committee had planned a round trip between Baiona and the Rande bridge, the wind conditions were not the most suitable for that route and at the last minute it was decided to make the change.

The regatta was held with a northwesterly, almost north wind, always above 13 knots, which facilitated the sailing of the sailboats, which were able to complete the test with agility and without problems.


In the ORC 1-2 class, the one of the fastest boats, Julio Rodríguez’s Magical (RCN Vigo) took the lead from the start, leading the fleet at all times. He crossed the finish line the first, after 3 hours and 57 minutes of crossing, but the compensation of times made him fall to third position, behind Yess Racing de Rui Ramada (MRCYB), which was the winner of this first round of the Repsol Trophy; and Aceites Abril by the Pérez Canal brothers (RCN Vigo), which tries to revalidate the title of the last edition, came second.


In the ORC 3 class, one of the most contested of the trophy, Vicente Cid’s Deep Blue 2.1 (RNC Vigo), which last weekend took the laurels of the Comunica Trophy, came with enthusiasm and strength to this Spring Regatta and managed to climb to the top of the table. It surpassed Ramón Ojea’s Bosch Service Solutions (CM Canido), who finished second; and Víctor Carrión’s Bom III (CN Punta Lagoa), who will reach the final in third position.


The boats that competed in the ORC 4 class had a shorter course than the ORC 1-2-3. In the 20 miles that the regatta committee marked them to circumnavigate the Cíes, the Balea Dous by Luis Pérez (RNC Rodeira) demonstrated, once again, why it is one of the regulars on the podiums of the Rías Baixas competitions. He was the fastest of the test and will reach the final first. They are followed in the provisional classification by Nahela by Victor Álvarez (CN Alagua) and Albarellos by Fernando Rey (MRCYB).


In the ORC A2 class, with teams made up of only two people, skipper and crew, the Q Talento Consultores of Javier Rey, from Monte Real Club de Yates, was the winner; and the Alalunga de Rodrigo Rodríguez, from the Canido Maritime Club, came second.


In the J80 monotype competition, the largest fleet in the competition, Javier de la Gándara’s Okofen achieved the best result in the opening stage. The sailboat of the oceanic navigator, with its usual crew, was the winner of the last edition and arrived ready to repeat the triumph. Provisional silver and bronze are held by Maija by José Luis Pérez and Marías by Manel Marías, all from Monte Real Club de Yates.


The Figaro class drew attention to being the one in which more women sailed, thanks to the participation of four female boats from the Monte Real Club de Yates Women’s Sailing project, which seeks to increase the presence of women in the regattas held in Galicia. One of them, the Erizana, skippered by Elena Raga, managed to climb to third position. The Tutatis by Miguel Montes and the Bouvento by Alejandro Vázquez came first and second.


The Repsol Trophy – 43rd Spring Regatta comes to an end this Sunday with the celebration of the second and last test, final to set up the final classification. As in the first day, the crews will have to face a coastal route with departure and arrival in Baiona. It will take place along the Vigo estuary but the crossing points have yet to be decided, as they will depend on the wind. If everything goes according to plan, the regatta committee will start the fleet around noon and in the afternoon, at half past six, the facilities of the Monte Real Club de Yates will host the awards ceremony for the winners, in the one that will participate the president of the club, José Luis Álvarez; Repsol’s marine and fisheries chief, Inés González Megido, on behalf of the energy company, sponsor of the event; the mayor of Baiona, Carlos Gómez; and the deputy of Sports of Pontevedra, Gorka Gómez.

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