Tuesday, June 28

BBVA improves the conditions of its ERE, with early retirement from the age of 53

BBVA now offers early retirements from the age of 53 and improves conditions.

BBVA now offers early retirements from the age of 53 and improves conditions.

BBVA has improved this Friday the economic conditions that it poses to reduce its workforce in Spain, a day after reducing the number of layoffs to 2,935 workers, and now offers early retirements from the age of 53, as reported by CCOO and UGT.

After these latest advances, which come just after the strike seconded this Wednesday by the workers, the agreement seems closer and it has been agreed to extend the negotiation until Tuesday, June 8, although CCOO warns that “There are issues to assess and agree on.”

One of the main novelties of the improvement in conditions is that BBVA now offers workers between 53 and 54 years old, with ten years of seniority, an income of 55% of salary and special Social Security agreement up to age 63 with a 3% annual revaluation, and discount of unemployment benefit and subsidy.

Those who are between 55 and 62 years old, the bank is willing to pay up to 72% of the salary, compared to the 70% offered so far and a special Social Security agreement for up to 63 years with a 3% revaluation, no longer 1%, as well as the benefit discount unemployment and subsidy.

For its part, those aged 63 and over they would continue to receive compensation of 20 days per year worked with a maximum of 12 months.

In the case of workers between 50 and 52 years old who take advantage of the termination plan, the compensation would be set at 65% of their annual salary level, multiplied by five, and not by four as up to now, but also with a maximum of 250,000 euros.

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To this is added the special agreement of the Social Security up to 61 years in temporary income of an annual fixed of 15,500 euros; a premium of 2,000 euros for each three-year seniority; a premium of 15,000 euros for difficult relocation and a voluntary premium of another 15,000 euros, which rises to 20,000 if the worker has been older than 15 years.

For the rest, that is, those under 50 years of age and people with less than 10 years of seniority, the compensation offered by BBVA passes 33 to 38 days per year, with a cap of 24 monthly payments, no longer of 20; a premium of 2,000 euros for every three years in the company, and another, voluntary, of between 5,000 and 20,000 euros.

The bank also improves the conditions in cases of geographic mobility and accepts the CCOO proposal to give the possibility of having up to 210 incentivized leaves of absence.

When the agreement is reached, it will be opened the term of voluntary membership, with the idea that until the end of June the workers of the central services and corporate centers will sign up, while the staff of the branch network would have until July 12 to join.


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