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The fashion house started by Coco Chanel has grown into one of the most powerful luxury brands in the world. Own any of their prized products, from the latest collections to used chanel bags and supplies, surely fills an elegant person with pride.

That’s why, whether you have a classic Chanel bag made from lambskin, velvet, or an intricate patchwork detail, you probably want to keep it in good condition. New or pre-loved, these Chanel bags serve not only as eye candy, but also as valuable fashion investments.

Chanel care

A Chanel bag is without a doubt a style statement. From classic flap bags to more contemporary collections, wearing one says a lot about your taste in fashion. However, owning one involves a certain level of responsibility. Just as you use only the best skin care products To take care of your skin, you must also extend the same level of attention and devotion to these beautiful and priceless bags.

Here are some of the Top care tips to help ensure your used Chanel bags stay in great condition:

one. Use them well

One of the best ways to keep your Chanel bag in excellent condition is to be careful when carrying it with you.

Make sure you don’t overfill your bag. Doing so will help you preserve the elegant lines and shape of your Chanel. This is especially true if you are carrying a structured bag like Chanel Trendy or Chanel Boy.

While holding your Chanel bag, try Avoid prolonged contact with raw materials that are dark or may bleed. on your leather or textile. Also, be aware of color transfer as dark fabrics and raw denim can leave stubborn marks.

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2. Protect them from harm

Keep in mind that when you have a luxurious item like a Chanel handbag, prevention is better than cure.

Protect your Chanel bags from prolonged exposure to artificial light, sunlight and moisture. Avoid exposing them to acetone, oils, perfumes, and water.. Some luxury bag owners even go as far as to purchase a raincoat or waterproof bag cover just to keep it safe from accidental spills and the elements.

It is better not to leave your Chanel bag on the ground to avoid scratches. When on the go, watch out for potential bumps, scrapes or scratches on rough and rough surfaces.

Put sharp or spilled objects such as keys, nail files, or perfume in a separate bag. If you want, you can also consider using a bag organizer to keep your things in place. Will also help protect the inside of the bag from accidents like capless pens or lipstick.

3. Clean your bags (but not too much)

Giving your purse a regular spa day will go a long way toward preserving its pristine condition. You can do it yourself, especially if there are no major problems. You can also take it to a bag cleaning expert for a thorough cleaning or to address issues like stains and scratches.

If you are doing it yourself, Avoid using strong detergents or care products. that can change the finish of your bag. Ask your Chanel store for specific care instructions to avoid damaging your bag. For example, there may be bag conditioners recommended for your particular Chanel fabric.

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When cleaning, use a soft cloth and rub gently in circular motions. A soft suede brush or dry microfiber cloth is best for delicate leathers such as nubuck suede, quilted calfskin, or varnished patent leather. Try to give her a bag spa treatment every one to two years as well. However, remember that a thorough cleaning can also cause the metallic coating to fade, so clean it carefully.

Clean up classic leathers such as ultra-soft calfskin or soft pebble caviar, use a dry microfiber cloth for grooming and a high-quality leather conditioner to nourish the material. Equally, You should handle Chanel bags made from delicate fabrics like canvas, denim, silk brocade, or velvet. very careful. You can use a soft brush or textile roller for occasional cleaning, but it is best to hand it over to a professional cleaner.

Chanel also has bags that they wear extremely delicate materials like hand-woven wicker, fluffy sheepskin and shiny Plexiglas. While Chanel stopped using exotic leather in its collections in 2018, you can still see used Chanel bags made with lizard, python or stingray skins. These materials require special care and attention and are often best handled by professional bag cleaners. However, for occasional grooming, you can use a dry microfiber cloth. Remember to also brush along the scales and not against them.

Four. Save them properly

Another tip to keep in mind is to provide the proper environment when storing your Chanel bag. For example, your storage area should be kept out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Use acid-free tissue paper to fill your Chanel bag and hold its shape carefully. Store your structured bag upright. Keep the chain well padded and store it inside the bag to avoid imprinting on the leather.

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Make good use of the dust bag that came with your Chanel to protect it while in storage. If you still have the original box, you can also keep it there.

5. Appreciate the aging process

Chanel fans would attest to how a Chanel bag ages gracefully with proper care. A black lambskin flap bag, for example, will develop a luxurious sheen over the years. Some bags will develop a patina as you use them. Appreciate this natural progression as it reveals a new facet to your bag’s unique beauty and history.

Enjoy Chanel

Owning a Chanel bag could be one of life’s joys, especially for handbag collectors and enthusiasts. The way you use your bag and how you clean and store it is critical to ensuring that you will enjoy having one of the world’s most desirable bags for much longer. Also, if you feel like swapping it out for another bag, you can be sure that your favorite Chanel will get a reasonable price when you take it to a reputable used bag online store.


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