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Be careful: The group that is at risk of not cashing a third stimulus check of $ 1,400

Some Americans will have to file taxes this year even though they don’t have to to receive stimulus checks.

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Members of one of the populations in the United States that most needs the third stimulus check of $ 1,400, the homeless or homeless, are at risk of not receiving it if they do not carry out additional procedures to provide their personal data to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The case of this group is particularly special since since most do not file taxes with the IRS because they do not generate income, the agency does not have your personal information to process the payment of the third or previous rounds.

Thus, if the person does not complete the process of filing taxes, even if they are not obliged to do so, it is very likely that they will not receive the stimulus money that corresponds to them.

“While these economic impact payments continue to be made automatically to most people, the IRS cannot issue a payment to eligible Americans when information about them is not available in the tax agency’s systems,” read an IRS statement from April 15 in which community organizations that work with these groups are summoned to help them in the process.

“To help the homeless, the rural poor, and other historically underserved groups, the IRS urges community groups, employers, and others to share information about economic impact payments and help more eligible people file tax returns. so that they can receive all that they are entitled to. has a variety of information and tools to help people receive financial impact payments, ”adds the notice on

Applicant does not need a permanent address

The IRS clarified that these people can claim an economic impact payment or other credits even if they do not have a permanent address.

“For example, a homeless person may include the address of a trusted friend, relative, or service provider, such as a shelter, walk-in day center, or transitional housing program, on the return filed with the IRS. . If they cannot choose direct deposit, a check or debit card for the tax refund and the third economic impact payment can be mailed to this address, ”the IRS explains in the statement.

If the applicant did not receive the first two stimulus checks from the past rounds, the person can request the disbursement of those funds through the “Refund Recovery Credit” on this tax season’s return for 2020.

Americans have until May 17 to file taxes this year.

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