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Beauties a year from now

Applause among the candidates

Applause among the candidates
Rafa Arjones

With an average age of 25 years and a diverse profile of workers and students, the candidates for Bellea del Foc rush a stage that ends the Saturday with the renewal of the positions of the Bonfires (9.30 pm in the bullring of Alicante). The new court starts its reign one year from now since, as it will pray in its band, they will be the representatives of the festivities of 2022. The same will happen with the children, that decide on Friday (9:00 p.m.) the process in which a jury will choose between 82 girls to the new Bellea and her ladies.

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The artist Federico Molinero installs the scenery for the festival of choice of La Bellea del Foc

The obligatory suspension of Bonfires 2020 and 2021 Because of the pandemic, it opens a debate that the Federació de Fogueres is not raising right now but that is in the air: the definitive change of the election dates so that the representatives arrive at the official acts with more filming, as happens, for example , with the Fallera Mayor de València and her court, named several months before their debut. Until 2019, the last year in which Bellea was chosen before the covid, the process was held in May in the face of the imminent Bonfires.

Makeup to be ready Rafa Arjones

Son 79 young women who are eligible for one of the seven positions festeros in contention. The delegate of Beauties of the Federation, Monica Asensi, highlights the virtues of a group that he defines as well-matched, that has enjoyed a good coexistence with the jury, that “has made them have very good times, like an escape game that the girls prepared in a recent snack. In the meantime they were delighted. They have been very comfortable with them. Among the applicants there is a good bunch of university students but also independent women with employment, among them several health workers, a doctor, nursing assistants, pharmacists and care technicians, at a time when these professions monopolize covers in the fight against the pandemic.

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There is precisely a festive woman who opts for the charges of the fire that tested positive for coronavirus and that he is waiting for the negative PCR to be able to participate in the election gala. His contagion already prevented him from parading at the gala last Saturday. The bullring on Thursday hosted antigen tests for adult and child applicants, as required by the Department of Health to the festivities to be able to parade and dispense with the mask at the peak of the gala. Another curiosity is that there is an adult candidate in a pregnant state who has participated in all the events so far but who will not appear tomorrow in the election show as she can no longer wear the Alicante wedding dress.

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