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Beauty session at an institute in Cáceres with iconic women

Cleopatra, Frida Kahlo, Coco Chanel, Hypatia of Alexandria, Evita Perón, Mary Somerville, Marilyn Monroe and Olvido Gara, Alaska, unites them and represents the fact of being iconic women of their generations. The already deceased played a relevant role in their time and, in the case of the contemporary Alaska, she provides a modern and transgressive profile that burst into force in the years of the movida, of which she was an active participant. These are ahead of their time, each one with the ‘looks’ and styles that define and identify them, they are the characters that students of the Hairdressing and Aesthetics Cycles of the IES Virgen de Guadalupe have brought to life, in a practical workshop.

The students themselves have acted as models and stylists for the eight historical protagonists, posing in front of the rest of the students to show the work done on their classmates and the result of the transformation.

Mario Ramallo was the one who retouched the blonde hair of the sensual Marilyn. “What most characterized her is her hairstyle, so marked, her short hair, her makeup so subtle with something that differentiated her from others and her red lips always,” says this second-year student Hairdressing and hair cosmetics course.

The activity, held in two sessions, is part of the center’s cultural week and was proposed as class work to commemorate Women’s Day. “It is very important to recognize that women have a prominent role in society and that thanks to many of them certain things are valued and given the value they deserve,” says the young man.

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The idea of ​​reproducing the sober vintage image of the erudite Mary Somerville, the Egyptian profile of Cleopatra, the afro hair of Alaska or the characteristic updo of Evita Perón, was developed by professors Cristina González and Meri Naranjo.

Mary Somerville. /


“We looked for information on eight women who were important in different fields, we wanted women in science, because this day had recently been celebrated, but also related to cinema, fashion and music, because of the branch of personal image that we carry”, explains González, in charge of coordinating another year a similar project with Impressionist paintings that were exhibited in the Plaza Mayor.

The center offers by appointment a free hairdressing and beauty service in the practical workshops of the students

«Many teachers have donated clothes, jewelry, ornamentation for the models and the colleagues of the department have been in charge of supervising the part of hairdressing, makeup and costumes; all done by the students”, says the teacher.

The student María José Ronco reproduced the hairstyle of the mythical Frida on her classmate Yael. “We made her an updo with braids, false hair to give a little more length and her striking flower headdress,” explains the young woman about her work with the Mexican painter, a woman who claimed with her image the roots of her town.

Frida Kahlo. /


“The colleague I did it to has slightly masculine features in the shape of her face, her hands are a bit larger and she feels identified with the character,” adds the student about Frida’s quality of sometimes accentuating masculinity in his brow.

The characterization lasted for two hours and then the models posed in a recreation, with the explanatory poster of their character. Both the students and the teachers involved in the activity highlight the acceptance of an initiative that they want to give it continuity. “It has been a success, we are going to make an audiovisual montage with photos gathering all the material,” says the head of studies, María José Cumbreño.

The institute offers by appointment a free hairdressing and beauty service provided by students in practical classes. His skill in these images is obvious. Anyone can go to get their nails done, a haircut, highlights or a hair treatment. The schedules are consulted in the center.

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