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Beauty tips | How often do you have to wash your hair?

How often do you have to wash your hair?

How often do you have to wash your hair?
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You get in the shower and … should I wash my hair? What is the recommended frequency? The truth is that there is not a broad consensus for these questions, since it depends a lot on the type of hair of each person and their activity.

But below we have tried to collect the most frequently asked questions about the care of the hair and give them an answer.

Wash every day or just one a week?

Some experts say that you need to wash your hair every day, while others say that it is enough to clean it once a week. Perhaps the best option is neither one nor the other, but somewhere in between. According to other experts it is convenient clean hair every 3 days and for 6 minutes. The amount of shampoo to use is the size of a hazelnut (or walnut, depending on the length of the hair), and should be done with a neutral shampoo and conditioner (or mask, every 2 weeks or so).

How do you wash your hair?

If the hair and scalp are normal, it is appropriate to wash your hair every 3 days. What process do you have to follow? Apply the shampoo, massage the scalp to promote circulation, and gradually add water to mix the product well.or while continuing to massage the scalp.

Does washing your hair a lot favors its fall?

Experts deny a hair myth: washing your hair a lot does not promote hair loss. The hairs that fall out are “old” hair.Those who have completed their life cycle so that washing does not affect their loss, there is nothing to do.

What kind of shampoo should I use?

You should use a shampoo soft and neutral that does not contain alcohol, fragrances or preservatives in its composition. This is necessary to avoid scalp irritation or even allergies. Those who have any pathology, such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis or alopecia, it is recommended alternate neutral shampoo with a specific treatment shampoo to treat the problem. Cosmetic shampoos (for straight, curly or colored hair) can be used both continuously and in combination.

What is the required dose?

The key to a good washing is in the dose of the product: it is enough to apply the measure of a hazelnut for short hair and medium hair, and a nut for long hair. If you wash your hair daily, just apply the product only in the roots since the shampoo already falls on mediums and ends and it is not necessary to apply or rub thoroughly in the rest of the mane. A single shampoo application is recommended.

The use of conditioner, yes or no?

In each wash you always have to use conditioner, and every 10 days or so it is advisable to use a mask to deeply hydrate the hair. But the two products should never be used together; the mask should be a substitute for the conditioner. On the other hand, the mask can be left without rinsing as long as it has only been applied to the middle and ends. At the roots, it can alter the balance of the scalp so it is not advisable, nor is it advisable to leave it on and go out in the sun.

Should athletes wash their hair more often?

The answer is yes. Sweat is messy, as hair is, after all, a fiber, and as such, it absorbs environmental odors. Athletes or people who spend a lot of time in a kitchen or indoors they have to increase the frequency of washing.

How should I lighten my hair?

The rinse should last at least three minutes (if it is long it should last longer) and should be done with lukewarm water. It is optimal to apply water cold in the end as it seals the cuticle, facilitates detangling and adds more shine.

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