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BEAUTY TRICKS | Everything you need to know about retinol: Benefits and contraindications

Retinol creams help eliminate wrinkles.

Retinol creams help eliminate wrinkles.

Surely many times you have heard in advertising the name of a cream that contains retinol. But do you really know what is retinol and the benefits it can have for your skin? Retinol is the Vitamin A in the form of a cosmetic asset. So it is common for you to find this component in many of your cosmetics. Between the retinol benefits highlights its great ability to smooth wrinkles and combat the loss of firmness of the skin. It also hides fine lines and helps remove skin blemishes, uniforming the skin tone.

Retinol in summer and winter?

Some facials are recommended only for a limited time or in certain seasons of the year. In the case of retinol, experts advise not to start treatment in the summer season. On the other hand, if you are already following a retinol treatment you can continue using it during the summer, although with caution. Put it on only at night and in the morning carefully cleanse the skin of the face so that no retinol remains in it. Also, apply a day cream with a factor of very high sun protection to further protect your skin.

Retinol creams must be applied at night. pexels

Can I use a retinol cream daily?

If your skin is very sensitive, it is best not to use a retinol cream every day. You can use it once or twice a week and see if your skin tolerates it properly. If so, you can increase the frequency of application.

The best time to apply it is at nightas it is inactivated by sunlight. Depending on your skin type, you should choose one texture or another. If you have oily skin, choose a gel texture and if your skin is dry or sensitive, opt for creams or serums. In addition, it is important to combine the application of a cream with retinol with other moisturizers to prevent skin from drying out. In addition, during the day you must use a cream with sun protection to avoid possible spots on the skin.

Is retinol good for cellulite?

In addition to the skin of the face, retinol can be very effective for the skin of the body and for reduce cellulite. Its properties to rejuvenate the tissues and improve the firmness of the fibers make it one of the main ingredients of many anti-cellulites.

Retinol contraindications

Before applying a treatment that contains retinol it is important that you know its contraindications as it can be very irritating to the most sensitive skin and can even cause diseases such as rosacea. In addition, you have to be especially careful with the sun, as it is a photosensitive element. Finally, it is not indicated for pregnant women.

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