Sunday, October 17

Becky G exhibits tiny dental floss aboard a jet ski

Becky G hits with tremendous dental floss aboard a jet ski.

Kevin Winter for i HeartMedia. / Getty Images

Singer Becky G has left everyone on a heel by posting a photograph that left little to the imagination: mon a jet ski and with tremendous dental floss put in the middle of the sea. Precisely, of all urban music singers, Becky G She is considered one of the most tender and, although she is hopelessly beautiful, she does not display her attributes as much as her friends and colleagues Karol G and Natti Natasha.

With a black bathing suit that floss became behind, Becky G he showed off his rear guard by practicing an extreme sport on a Miami beach. On her head she wore a scarf that gave her a very feminine touch and, unusually, instead of going barefoot, she put on some Nike ankle boots, which caught the attention of her fans, who also raved about praise for the reggaeton.

“Why does she have tennis in the water”, “She is a handmade goddess”, “The most American and ardent Mexican”, “She turns the heat on anyone”, “And everything is hers, why is she always covered up “,” So much meat and I fasting and that is how the doctor prescribed it for me “,” This girl is the most beautiful of all “, were some of the things that could be read in the Instagram account of the singer, where she published several on the jet ski wearing the explosive dental floss.

But don’t think it’s just a great body. At his young age, Becky G She has already launched her own makeup line, which she called “Tresluce Beauty” and is a tribute to Latin women. The range of items is large, it has everything. From eyelashes to lipsticks.

On the other hand, it turns out that Becky G She has acted as a matchmaker, as it turns out that her photographer is her best friend’s boyfriend Chiquis Rivera placeholder image. We are talking about Emilio Sánchez, who is the singer’s new partner. This relationship, where the photographer has been seen more than happy by his side, initially caused annoyance with Chiquis’s ex, Lorenzo Méndez.

At some point Lorenzo said that he and Emilio were friends and that Chiquis messed with his friends. Over the months, he has made no further reference to Emilio, but Lorenzo Méndez did speak of a demand that he put to Chiquis Rivera placeholder image to finish signing the divorce. The same is that Chiquis must sign a document where she agrees not to talk about him in the future, if she decides to tell the story of both in a book or reality show.

Meanwhile, Chiquis hopes that an agreement can be finished and that everyone enjoys full freedom, since it is not only the singer who has a boyfriend. It is said that Lorenzo Méndez is already dating a girl named Jenni, very similar to the best friend of Becky G, Chiquis and with whom he was on vacation in the Bahamas and later in San Francisco.

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