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BeeDrive: a compact data center for everyone

BeeDrive - data center

In an increasingly connected and digitized world, the demand for data storage and processing has increased exponentially. To meet these needs, an innovative solution emerges: compact data centers.

Therefore, Synology has launched BeeDrive, a compact data center that backs up personal files and photos from PC, phone and tablet simultaneously.

“With BeeDrive, we hope to bring Synology’s expertise in backup technologies to a larger number of users. Many of them are familiar with using computers, but lack the time or network knowledge to host a 24-hour server just for backup functions,” says Clara Sauri, Synology’s Product Manager for Spain and Portugal.

Local backup guarantee

Once connected to a computer, BeeDrive allows users to choose which folders they want to protect. This solution automatically backs up all changes to those folders in real time, providing a more accurate recovery point objective (RPO) than hourly scheduled backups.

Synology Introduces BeeDrive, a Compact Data Center for Businesses and Home Users

Backup files are stored in the same format as on the original computer. In the event of a computer failure, users can simply connect BeeDrive to another computer and instantly access their files, without the need to install additional software or go through a lengthy recovery process.

BeeDrive also backs up photos and videos from iOS and Android devices, over Wi-Fi, so phones and tablets are protected too. All you have to do is make your computer and connected mobile devices on the same network and scan a QR code so that you can proceed to make backup copies to free up space on your phone.

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BeeDrop and two-way sync to increase productivity

For field staff and other professionals who take a lot of photos on their phone and need to use them on a computer when they return to the office, the BeeDrop feature allows mobile-generated content to be sent to BeeDrive wirelessly from iOS and Android devices. The files are immediately accessible on the computer, without the need to upload them to the cloud and then download them.

When switching between work and home computers, BeeDrive can help sync files from each computer as soon as you connect, making sure all your files are always up to date on the computer you’re working on while keeping a second copy.


BeeDrive is now available in 1TB and 2TB capacity options for Windows, iOS, and Android through Synology partners and resellers worldwide.

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