Tuesday, June 28

Beethoven’s 10th Symphony: How a team of musicologists and computer scientists completed the unfinished work of the great composer

  • Ahmed Elgammal
  • The Conversation*

Ludwig van Beethoven

Image source, Getty Images


Beethoven died without finishing the tenth symphony.

When Ludwig van Beethoven died in 1827, it had already been three years since he completed his ninth symphony, which many consider his masterpiece.

And he had started work on his 10th symphony but, due to his deteriorating health, he could not advance much: all he left were some musical sketches.

Since then, musicologists and Beethoven lovers have wondered and lamented what it might have been. His grades hinted at a magnificent reward, albeit one that seemed eternally out of reach.

Now, thanks to the work of a team of music historians, musicologists, composers and computer scientists, Beethoven’s vision will come to life.


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