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Begoña Aramendia, the second general to join the Army



The Armed Forces will have another female brigadier general from tomorrow. Begoña Aramendía Rodríguez of Austria, current deputy secretary general of the Ministry of Defense, will rise in rank, as the Council of Ministers plans to approve at its meeting tomorrow. Thus, she will become the first woman in the Military Legal Corps to become a general. And in the second to achieve it in all the Armed Forces, after Patricia Ortega. After the publication in the BOE of his new rank within the Army, it will be yet to be known what his next destination will be, something that will be known in the coming days.

Currently, Begoña Aramendía is an auditor colonel of the Military Legal Council. It occupies a prominent position in the Ministry of Defense, which consists, as it appears in its technical file, in “promoting and coordinating the development of regulations, as well as informing the general provisions, processing inquiries to the Council of State and proposing the revision and recasting of legal texts ». It must also “prepare studies and reports” on matters “that are submitted to the deliberation of the Council of Ministers, the delegated commissions of the Government” and the General Commission of Secretaries of State and Undersecretaries.

In 2018, as a lieutenant colonel, Margarita Robles chose her to head the Equality and Personnel Support Division. A unit created on what was previously simply called the Personnel Support Division, and which Aramendía was already directing with María Dolores de Cospedal. That Robles introduced the term ‘equality’ is not surprising, since feminism is one of the lines of the Pedro Sánchez government.

In the case of Aramendía -who in 2019 was promoted to colonel and was appointed technical deputy secretary general of the ministry-, her promotion does not respond to a question of parity or because of the mere fact of being a woman, but because, according to sources consulted by ABC, « She is a marvel, she works very hard and is well prepared ”to be part of the high command of the Army.

This appointment responds, even so, to Margarita Robles’ intention that there be women generals in the Army. Thus, on Tuesday Aramendía will become the first woman in the Military Legal Corps to become a general, with the backing of the minister but also of a large part of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense.

Aramendía will be the second brigadier general of all the Armed Forces. After Patricia Ortega, who in July 2019 the Council of Ministers appointed her general of the Army’s Polytechnic Engineers Corps.

Ortega was the first woman in the entire Army to become a brigadier general. Although it was always thought that the one that would mark this milestone would be Aramendía. Even so, it had been known for a long time that Aramendía’s promotion would not take long in coming, especially since she and three other women from the Armed Forces (also colonels like them) were following the promotion course to brigadier general organized by the Higher Center for National Defense Studies (Ceseden).

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