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Belarra assures that she will speak “with the whole world” to facilitate the opening of Podemos

The Secretary General of Podemos, Ione Belarra, has assumed “the historical responsibility of continuing to grow” the purple formation and has encouraged, in order to achieve, that objective “to speak with the whole world” to broaden its political space.

“You have to open up, you have to continue adding, as we have always done,” he remarked during his speech this Friday at the State Citizen Council of Podemos, which has been held coinciding with the start of the new political course.

The also Minister of Social Rights He has told his colleagues that they must all strive to “build a political organization rooted in each town, in each neighborhood and in each city of the country.”

In this strategy to enhance its territorial implementation, he wanted to thank the Secretary of Organization, Lilith Vestrynge, and he has emphasized that they will only be able to “advance together, being part of a collective project that wants a free and happy future for their country.”

“Podemos has to work to continue growing. Since our birth we have always forged alliances with colleagues from other forces and political traditions, very valuable people from social, neighborhood and union movements have joined our project, and also many people who, like me, had never militated in a party politician before Podemos. Today we have the historical responsibility of continuing to make Podemos grow in order to fulfill our political objectives, which are brave and ambitious and for that we must speak with everyone, “the leader of the purple formation has riveted.

Pride of militancy

Finally, he has praised that the most valuable thing about his training is his militancy, which he has asked to “turn over” with the people so that his supporters feel “safe” and “proud” for defending democracy, putting an end to the spiral of fear of the extreme right.

“Let us strongly defend what defines us: the defense of public services, solidarity, empathy“He concluded to highlight that this spirit has been at the base of Podemos since its birth, seven years ago.

This Friday the second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, stressed that he is not thinking about his possible candidacy to the general elections, an option supported by the secretary general of Podemos, but has stressed that it will work, with “immediate character”, through a “listening process”, on a “country project for the next decade”, with the to answer that “Spain modern “who wants” changes.

“From now on I start listening to many people, not for a candidacy (…) If I were thinking about a candidacy, you already know me, I would say so. I am not there and, nevertheless, I am going to work so that my country deploys a new project, “explained Díaz, who already indicated when he picked up the leadership of United Podemos within the Executive that his intention was to widen the political space.

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Contacts with territories

Verstrynge has precisely inaugurated the political course by meeting this week with regional organization managers of Podemos, in which he had the opportunity to listen to their ideas and proposals regarding coordination within Podemos. As explained by the party, the joint political lines to be followed in the coming months during this meeting have been agreed and communicated.

During the last three months, the ‘number three’ of Podemos has visited Seville (Andalusia), Albacete (Castilla-La Mancha), Pamplona (Navarra), Vitoria (Euskadi) and Tenerife (Canary Islands), where he participated in the tables of territorial confluence (with Izquierda Unida and Alianza Verde) together with Belarra and other leaders of the electoral space of United Podemos, such as the leader of the IU and general secretary of the PCE, Enrique Santiago.

Today, and continuing his meetings with different territories, he has started a route through Andalusia with a meeting with the regional coordinator of Podemos, Martina Velarde, and groups of civil society, to collect the demands of the militancy.

Troubled situation

However, the political course has not started smoothly for Podemos on the internal side at the regional level, given that in Valencia seven members of the regional Citizen Council recently resigned from the party’s highest management body amid criticism of the regional general secretary, Five Pillars, He was accused of “lack of dialogue”, of “emptying the powers” of this body, “failing to comply with the project” with which it was presented and even of “violating labor rights.”

For his part, Lima stressed that in the years he has been in this training, it is “the first time” that he sees “the party cohesive, strong, stable, structured” and “with territorial implantation”.

The situation of the Government

The secretary general of Podemos has also assured that in the coming months the Government will “stake its re-election” and has demanded an “ambitious” social agenda, where it should also be “crucial” to apply a fiscal reform in a General State Budget (PGE) called to be “essential” for recovery.

He has also transferred that one of the priorities is to lower the price of electricity with immediate measures and, in this line, he has proclaimed that his political space is clear that it will only be possible “by touching the privileges” of the electricity oligopoly. And it is that he has defended that the presence of United We Can in the Government, although in a minority, allows “to disobey the pressures of who have been ruling in the shadows for a long time. “

At the same time and from the “constant tension” within the coalition with the PSOE, he has claimed in the contacts with his partner for public accounts to apply a “vanguard” measure such as the application of a minimum tax of 15% for large companies in the Company Tax, following in the wake of the international agreement in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

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That reform, he has glossed, must also include the elimination of the so-called ‘pink rate’ (as it is popularly known as the higher price that certain feminine products) and lower VAT for hairdressers.

The budgets

Regarding the negotiation on the new public accounts, he has alluded to the “constant tensions” within the Executive, made up of two different parties with sometimes “opposite” interests, and has warned that it would not be logical to face it without the agreements already closed last year, such as the regulation of the rental price or the improvements of the Minimum Living Income, are already “a reality”.

Programmatic pact

And it is clear that compliance with the government agreement is what makes the Executive “reliable” and gives it stability to advance in a “horizon of progress”, for which it has called for “take care of” the “loyalty” to that pact.

Belarra has cited other conditions for the PGEs, such as the expansion of the 6-month paternity and maternity leave, the extension of the network of public infant schools, a benefit for universal upbringing, raising the minimum and non-contributory pensions, in other matters.

During her speech, the leader of Podemos has revealed that, with the advance of vaccination against Covid-19, a new stage opens in which United We can aspire not to a mere recovery of the country but to one “reconstruction“of Spain under the axes of” social justice, sustainability, feminism, democratic strengthening and sovereignty. ”

A path of progress that they have to travel hand in hand with sectors that “historically” have been “out of progress”, in the face of a “privileged minority that still accumulates a lot of power today” and some “elites” who have lived “very comfortable” with “bipartisanship”.

The invoice of light

“You only have to look at the war that the electricity companies have declared to the first government that has dared to touch the ‘benefits fallen from the sky’, Belarra has reproached for, in turn, claiming that its objective is a “country built with the people and for the people.”

Along these lines, he has predicted that the next few months will be “decisive”, given that the “first stones” for this reconstruction are “the most important”, and it has affected that this coalition government “awakened the hope of many people and now has the opportunity” to undertake the structural changes that Spain has made.

For all these reasons, Belarra has stated that “in the coming months the Government his re-election is at stake“and it has to deploy an ambitious” social agenda “that allows it to respond with” success “to what citizens are demanding.

One of those challenges is to reduce the electricity bill and he has regretted that the State in the past gave up an important tool to protect citizens against the “electricity oligopoly” by privatizing Endesa, which was before the public energy company of Spain .

Now, in his opinion, one must work for “regain that control“, alluding to the proposal to create a new public energy company, and has vindicated the” immediate “measures to reduce the bill proposed by United We Can, such as the regulation of the price of hydroelectric and nuclear energy, together with the prohibition of power cuts. Therefore, he has called for the Executive to take effective measures immediately.

The minister of Social Rights has also stressed that rental prices cannot be regulated “without the large owners ceasing to do business with housing” and has presumed that, although they do not achieve all the progress they want, many government decisions They would not be explained without the role of United We Can, such as the deployment of the social shield, the increase in the minimum interprofessional wage, the ERTE mechanism or the prohibition of advertising by betting houses, among others.

For this new political course, Belarra has argued that the Executive has to reactivate issues that have not been able to be addressed due to the pandemic, such as the repeal of the Citizen Security Law (popularly known as the ‘Gag Law’), as well as promoting an Official Secrets Law that sheds “light on the darkest parts” of the country’s history and the Democratic Memory Law, which “ends once and for all with the impunity for Francoist crimes “.

Setback in rights

By way of review of the legislatureBelarra has conveyed to her co-religionists her conviction that they have followed the “right path” by consolidating an investiture bloc with the rest of the progressive forces in the chamber.

“Today the entire political arc is aware that the only alternative is the PP Government with the extreme right of Vox. It is not necessary to stop at the delay in law that it would entail be ruled with those that a batterer is a good parent (…) Who are against abortion but do not want affective sexual education to avoid unwanted pregnancies and who believe in reconversion therapies for LGTBi people “, he has launched.

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