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Belén Rueda: “Making a film in the shadow of the covid is a risk and makes production more expensive”

Belén Rueda, in a file image.

Belén Rueda, in a file image.

Belén Rueda never think about the prizes that can get a movie while it’s shooting, yet you know well that the awards are an “incentive for viewers to return to the cinema”says the actress, who has combined cinema and theater in times of pandemic.

The protagonist of ‘Sara’s notebook’ or ‘The orphanage’ recalls impressed that, recently, a survey showed that the only 8 percent of the actors could make a living from their work. “I am very lucky,” she says in an interview with Efe Belén Rueda (Madrid, 1965) during the presentation of the nominees for the Platinum Ibero-American Film Awards, where she has made known some of the candidates.

The Platino represent a “boost to Ibero-American cinema and it was about time. It seems like a wonderful idea to me, “he commented, highlighting the large number of co-productions that take place between the countries involved.” Borders have been broken for a long time, it doesn’t matter where you live because you can work all over the world “and stresses that It is a way for the Ibero-American film community to create brotherhood. “Traveling from one place to another is common, although the pandemic has made us see that there are borders that have to do with health.”

Although she refers to the fact that some of her projects have been postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic, the actress has continued with the recording of the series ‘Mothers’, has finished filming ‘The perfect woman’ by Arantxa Echevarria and has gone up to the stage of the Roman Theater of Mérida with ‘Penelope’.

Acknowledge that make a movie with the shadow of covid “represents a risk” and makes production more expensive for the measures to be taken. “The stakes are high if a shoot is stopped” and recalls that a week after starting ‘The Perfect Woman’ a colleague tested positive, “then it turned out that the kit was defective, but all the protocols were activated.” “At that moment you panic,” says the actress, who is glad that the vaccination continues at a good pace and the number of infections and serious cases is falling.

Belén Rueda assures that the awards are an “incentive for viewers to return to the cinema”, although she never thinks about them during filming, a moment in which both she and the team are focused on the story. “Maybe when you finish you start to see what happens, but about the project in which you have been intensely involved for two or three months you don’t know anything else until a year passes and it is finished, with the sound, music and editing”.

He fondly remembers the reunion with Emilio Aragón during the recording of the program ‘BSO’. “It has been very exciting. It has been a long time since we met on the tables, but there are friendships that although a long time has passed, you see each other and it seems like yesterday.” In the program, Rueda covered the soundtrack of his life with the ease that music allows “that takes you in a microsecond to the moment you are counting.” The actress went through the notes of “The Sea Inside” her first film.

From one emotion to another, in the series ‘Mothers’ he has coincided with his daughter Belén Écija. “More than working with her, it was a wink, just a sequence, but it was nice.”

Assures that he had known for a long time that his eldest daughter was going to dedicate herself to acting, studies that he has combined with those of Audiovisual Communication. “Although he sees at home how difficult this profession is, he has such a great illusion” that he has not tried to take away the idea, he acknowledges.

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