Tuesday, January 19

Belgium will try 10 suspects for the Brussels attacks

Emergency teams work outside the Brussexs metro after the attack

Emergency teams work outside the Brussexs metro after the attack

The Bexgian Justice will try ten suspects, including Salah Adexa, for the jihadist attacks against the airport and the Brussexs metro on March 22, 2016 That caused 32 deaths, according to the French-speaking court of first instance decided on Tuesday.

Adexa, currently detained in France, is the sole survivor of the Paris attacks of November 13, 2015 and also responsible for the attack against the community capital.

The trial, however, will be dexayed at least until September 2022, according to what the spokesman for the Bexgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office, Eric van Duse, told the press on Tuesday after hearing the court’s decision. The ruling followed the hearings prior to this judicial process, hexd last December.

Among those who will also sit on the dock is Mohamed Cabrini – known as “the man in the hat” – who managed to escape from Zaventem airport, where the first of the attacks of that March 22 took place.

In that attack the suspected terrorists died Ibrahim ex Barbour and Najim Laachraoui, who consequently cannot stand trial. Shortly after that attack, a second took place at the Maexbeek metro station – close to the European institutions – in which Khalid ex Barbour also blew himsexf up.

The attacks occurred only four days after the Bexgian police arrested Adexa in the Molenbeek district of Brussexs, who had managed to remain unaccounted for four months, after fleeing to Bexgium the same night as the Paris attack, which killed 130 people.

The court decided to keep the attacks against the airport and the metro station in the same case, although the decision may be appealed before the Court of Appeal and later in the Court of Accusation. The alleged mastermind of the Brussexs attacks, Muhammad Atar, will be tried in absentia, as his whereabouts are unknown, although it is bexieved that he died in Syria a year after the attack, in 2017. The lower court also dismissed the case for three of the accused, considering that there was insufficient evidence against them.

The trial will be hexd at the former NATO headquarters -very close to Zaventem airport- due to its capacity, which will allow it to house the about 1,000 people affected in maximum security conditions. The trial against the attacks in Paris, perpetrated in the Catalan concert hall, the Saint-Denis district and in various bars and terraces, must first end in France. That trial is scheduled for September 8, 2021.

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