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Beliefs and false myths about the quality and taste of tap water

Martín Sanz, from Hidraqua;  Catalina Iliescu, vice-rector;  and Larissa Timofeeva, director of the Secretariat of University Extension, this morning

Martín Sanz, from Hidraqua; Catalina Iliescu, vice-rector; and Larissa Timofeeva, director of the Secretariat of University Extension, this morning

The University of Alicante and Hidraqua they strengthen their institutional collaboration with a new joint initiative consisting of two cycles of conferences focused on the Water and in the sustainable development goals that will be taught in the University Venues of Torrevieja, Xixona, Orihuela, Villajoyosa and Petrer. In the first of the cycles, entitled “A glass of tap water, please”, it will affect the beliefs and false myths about the quality of it, “to clear up many doubts about its consumption, about the perception and valuation of its properties”. The differences between taste and quality, and will be taught interpret water bills. The second cycle will address sustainable development goals. In total they will be ten open conferences to all the population, although a greater impact is sought among young people, as they have pointed out this morning in the presentation of this water cycle Martín Sanz, Director of Communication and Institutional Relations of Hidraqua; Catalina Iliescu, vice-rector for Culture, Sports and University Extension of the UA; and Larissa Timofeeva, director of the Secretariat of University Extension of the UA.

Master’s degree

Catalina Iliescu has underlined the importance of collaboration between both institutions “which is now being expanded thanks to the new agreement that we signed last July for the development of the two conference cycles that we present today, and with which we incorporate new ways of collaboration from social responsability which we have maintained, for years, in terms of cultural diffusion, as the sponsorship of the UA Philharmonic Orchestra (OFUA) or the development of solidarity concerts organized by both institutions ”. Hidraqua has also agreed its collaboration with the Master in Sustainable Management and Water Technologies, which the UA carries out through the Higher Polytechnic School. Timofeeva has highlighted “the importance of these joint actions focused on the University Extension, which allow bringing current issues, usefulness and interest to all corners of the province that backbones the University of Alicante through its network of University Venues and Classrooms “.


Martín Sanz has valued the collaboration work of Hidraqua and the UA in projects of social responsibility, promotion of culture and research, among others. “Our collaboration this year has a marked provincial character, which highlights the commitment that both entities maintain with the entire province of Alicante. These conference cycles allow us advance our transparency policy and our commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals, axes that mark our strategy day by day and that through these conferences we will be able to convey to the entire society in which we operate. “Sanz has said that “drinking tap water is the best thing in the world”, something that recommends to the entire population and ages, and has ensured that Consumption is not bad considering that it is coming from a pandemic in which industrial consumption and tourism have fallen as hotels and second homes are empty. In turn, it has valued the role of water in the domestic fight against covid with the hand washing, “If there had been restrictions it would have been a catastrophe,” he said.

The first cycle of conferences will be entitled “A glass of tap water, please” and will be taught by David Ribes, responsible-manager of Water Quality in Hidraqua Valencian Community; e Isidoro Andreu, Director of Clients. “Dispose of quality drinking water is one of the primary objectives of Hidraqua and its investee companies and, as it cannot be otherwise, a exhaustive monitoring and control of the quality of the water supplied to the clients and clients, as well as the decision-making that allows the company to guarantee that the water for human consumption in the municipality is sanitary perfect”, The organizers have explained. This presentation will address the difference between the taste of the water and its quality, with the main objective of “clear up many doubts regarding the consumption of tap water, about the perception and assessment of quality and its properties, and especially the beliefs and false myths about the quality of tap water. “Dates: Torrevieja: October 7; Xixona: October 14; Orihuela: October 20; Villajoyosa: October 28; and Petrer: November 4.

Open debate

In an open debate format, these conferences will also deal with customer service channels and development of non-face-to-face channels; how to read a water bill, concepts and fees or taxes incorporated in the water bill; and digital invoice. Likewise, the different payment methods available to the company, as well as the facilities it offers in the payment of invoices. Will be presented on free Servialertas service, for maintain digital communications linked to the water contract, where information of special interest to all customers is offered.

second cycle

The second cycle is entitled “A decade for action: the value of sustainable development goals”, by Amelia Navarro, director of Sustainable Development and Equity at Hidraqua In the Valencian community. As recalled from the AU, on September 25, 2015, 193 countries approved the 2030 Agenda at the UN General Assembly. 17 Sustainable Development Goals for eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each objective has specific goals that must be achieved in 2030.

To achieve these goals, all possible actors must be involved: governments, the private sector, civil society and individuals at the individual level. Navarro will present the principles of the 2030 Agenda and will address during his speech the importance of these global objectives in the agendas of governments at the international, national and local levels, the capital role of companies and an example of the integration of the SDGs in business strategy. Dates: Torrevieja: November 11; Villajoyosa: November 16; Xixona: November 18; Orihuela: November 25 and Petrer: December 2.

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