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Belinda supports the motion to create an international day in her honor

On January 10, but 22 years ago, Belinda began his career within the entertainment industry. A journey that has brought him many professional and personal successes, without the exception of the occasional scandal.

Undoubtedly has become one of the biggest stars in Latin music At the same time, he continues to participate occasionally in different interpretive projects, such as the Netflix series ‘Welcome to Eden’ which will be released very soon.

For this reason her beloved belifans did not forget to congratulate her on such a special anniversary, who wanted to celebrate on social networks by turning the hashtag # DíaMundialDeBelinda into a trending topic.

The artist, of course, viewed all those posts and shared many of them on her own Twitter account to make it clear that He “loves” the idea of ​​turning this date into one dedicated to his career and professional achievements.

“Winning as always !! # WorldBelindaDay. We are in a world where we are one for music, “he wrote in response to several of the messages that his followers sent him.

“Belifans, thank you very much for this day, for making it always so special, for always being with me in everything I do and never leaving me alone,” she posted along with a video of her singing when she was just a child.

It was 2011 when one of his fan clubs decided on its own initiative to designate a day to celebrate the career and existence of Christian Nodal’s future wife.

From that moment every January 10, videos, photos and messages dedicated to her are shared. Gestures of love, affection and support that he receives from his millions of fans.

Belinda is one of the most popular pop singers in Latin America. Born in Spain and naturalized Mexican, the actress also began her career on television when she was only 10 years old.

In 2000 he starred in the children’s soap opera “Amigos x siempre”, where he had the opportunity to appear on the soundtrack, making his talent for music known.

In 2002, the singer signed with a label and a year later she released her first album under the name “Belinda”, which includes her famous songs “Angel”, “Sorry” and “Boba nice girl”. The project was a great success and she collaborated with other artists such as “Moderatto”, positioning herself as “The princess of Latin pop”.

Belinda stars alongside Martín Ricca and a great cast in the children’s telenovela “Amigos x Siempre”. / MEZCALENT

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