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BELTRÁN SOAP: The definitive trick to eliminate pests from your indoor plants

The most effective home remedy against pests of your indoor plants.

You take care of your inside plants day after day with love. You water them when they need it, you move them to take advantage of the sun as much as possible and you fertilize them when you think it is necessary. You think that with this care your plants They will continue to decorate your home for years and years. However, one day something unexpected arrives: a plague. If you have already suffered it, you know what we are talking about. If you’ve been lucky and your plants haven’t suffered any pests yet, congratulations. But if so, don’t despair.

We are going to tell you the ultimate trick to remove pests of yours inside plants. It is very easy and fast to do and its results are spectacular. It is something as simple as water and Beltran soap. But of course, in its fair measure so that it does not affect the flores.

Take care of your plants with this home remedy against pests. Pixabay

The normal thing before a plague is usually to pull insecticides. Its effectiveness is proven but also its harmful effect against the environment and on many occasions against your own plants. For this reason, we are going to forget about insecticides for the moment and try with this Home remedy.

This Beltrán soap and water mixture It is effective in combating the most common pests of inside plants Like the aphids, scales or whiteflies.

Soap and water against plant pests

The remedy for plant pests based on soap and water it is very easy to manufacture. In addition, you only need these products that you always have at home so it will be very economical. We are going to tell you how to do it. First mix two tablespoons of Beltrán soap and three liters of water.

Put the soap and water mixture in a sprayer and spray your indoor plants to kill the pest. Pixabay

Although you can use several types of soap (as long as it is not concentrated or has bleaches or odors), experts recommend the use of Beltran soap. You can find this type of soap in different formats and prices but one of the cheapest in the one of Mercadona. Juan Roig’s firm markets it under the name Beltrán Natural Stain Remover Soft Soap and its price is around two euros.

Put the mixture in a diffuser and spray pest-damaged leaves with it. You have to be very careful and avoid that the soap and water mixture touch the ground, it should only have contact with the leaves. Apply this mixture to your plants every morning, as the sun is not hitting them directly yet. In a few days you will notice how the plague has been eliminated and your plants look green, shiny and lustrous again.

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