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Ben Affleck goes shopping with Emme: he wants to conquer Jennifer López’s children

Ben Affleck is very serious in his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. The actor was caught shopping with Emme. The paparazzi saw how the actor and director is trying to have a real rapprochement with the young woman who even took her to a bookstore, and it seems that books are a true passion for JLo’s daughter.

The photographers followed them to the Hamptons, which is also where the “Diva from the Bronx” was escorted in their company to make some purchases. But he was also really happy watching how both Emme and Ben are trying to connect.

Before this walk, the couple was seen, also as a happy family in Los Angeles. And is that before traveling to New York, everyone went to experience a fun trip to Universal Studios. It is known that now that her relationship is stabilizing with Ben, the “Diva from the Bronx” wants to move permanently to Los Angeles, and be traveling to NY whenever necessary.

About her relationship with Affleck, Jennifer Lopez has not said much, nor has she provided details. But he has made it clear that he is really happy today. “I’ve never been better,” he said in a recent interview.

Without making express reference to this second and exciting chapter in her love story with Ben Affleck, the singer Jennifer Lopez wanted to make it clear that her new sentimental stage, her long-awaited return to music by the hand of artist Rauw Alejandro and, of course , the love and support that she has received from her children, family and friends have contributed significantly to the unbeatable situation she is experiencing at all levels.

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In her conversation with announcer Zane Lowe for the Apple Music 1 station, the Bronx diva has focused much of her speech on the satisfaction and excitement of having a ‘safety net’ and affection that is always at her disposal, just like she goes out of her way for all those loved ones who need her help or support. “I want to have people who care about me close by, because I care a lot about them and I need them too. When you get to that point, the most wonderful thing in the world ends up happening to you and you enjoy a previously unknown happiness “, JLo has asserted, according to Showbiz.

In short, Jennifer Lopez has never “been better” than now, not even when she got engaged to her ex Alex Rodriguez, from whom she separated only a few months ago to the surprise of the whole world: “I’m super happy. I know people haven’t stopped wondering: ‘But how will he be? It will be OK? And that’s it, I’ve never been better, he pointed out in reference to the media impact of his reconciliation with Ben Affleck.

“I really appreciate the interest of people, but I want everyone to know that I am in the best moment of my life,” insisted the music star, who also wanted to wink at his friends in the Dominican Republic by underlining the very hospitable character of the country that has welcomed him in order to prepare his long-awaited return to the charts. Shortly before his brief return to singleness was confirmed, sources in his environment assured that Alex had traveled to the Caribbean country to try to settle his differences with the artist.

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