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Benedetto rescues a point – Information

Escribá made up to five changes with respect to the previous match against Rayo. He bet on a more recognizable eleven and for having the ball with the presence of Shepherd, for the first time, in the starting team. The Argentine played heeled on the left wing and had the help of Lucas Perez, another novelty, when it comes to defending. Raul guti He walked into midfield and the team noticed. Fidel moved to the left. The other two variations were on the sides, with Barragan and Mojica.

Although Espanyol started with momentum, it ran out quickly. Elche took control of the ball and that allowed them to have control of the game. In the 9th minute a goal was disallowed for clear offside by Fidel. AND In the 22nd minute, Lucas Boyé, the smartest in the class, stole the ball from David López and from the edge of the area he hit a powerful shot, which slipped tight to the post (1-0).

From there, the Elche team had the game where they wanted. The Catalan team could not stop the dominance of the ball of the franjiverdes, who left the balls behind and bet on rasear the ball. Only in the final stretch of the first half did the parakeet team have more presence in the area of ​​Kiko Casilla, but without creating danger. The break was reached with the minimum advantage of Elche.

After the restart everything changed completely. Vicente Moreno made two changes to the vacation time. Pulled out Morlanes already Nico Melamed and it worked. In minute 50, Morlanes scored the tie at one with a distant shot from the edge of the area that surprised Kiko Casilla. And in 51, Raúl de Tomás took advantage of a serious defensive error by Mojica. He beat his back after a center from Pedrosa and scored the 1-2.

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Those two goals left Elche very touched. Espanyol was able to extend the advantage against a French-green team almost sunk. Escribá made three changes. He removed Mascarell, Lucas Pérez and Pastore and removed Gumbau. Benedetto and Tete Morente. But the dynamics did not change. Only Tete Morente was capable of creating some danger.

Nevertheless, when everything looked very black, at minute 83, a center from Fidel was cleared by Cabrera with the bad luck that Aleix Vidal rejected it and the ball was left on a tray to Benedetto, who did not miss the gift to establish the tie.

In the final stretch, both teams had opportunities to decide the match for their team. First Embarba in a free blow that Kiko Casilla cleared. And with the game about to end, Pere Milla made it 3-2 after a great play between Fidel and Benedetto, who left the ball on his heel for the Catalan to finish off, but found a great save from Diego López. In the end, fair distribution of points.


ELCHE: Kiko Casilla, Barragán (Helibelton Palacios, m. 82), Gonzalo Verdú, Pedro Bigas, Mojica, Omar Mascarell (Gumbau, m. 63), Raúl Guti (Pere Milla, m. 82), Fidel, Pastore (Tete Morente, m . 63), Lucas Pérez (Benedetto, d. 63) and Lucas Boyé.

SPANISH: Diego López, Óscar Gil (Fran Merida, m. 82), Sergi Gómez, Cabrera, Pedrosa, David López (Morlanes, m. 46), Darder (Yangel Herrera, m. 66), Melando (Aleix Vidal, m. 75) , Embarba, Wu Lei (nico Melamed, m. 46) and Raúl de Tomas,

GOALS: 1-0 m. 22, Lucas Boyé. 1-1 m. 50, Morlanes. 1-2 m. 51, Raúl de Tomás. 2-2 m. 83, Benedetto.

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REFEREE: Figueroa Vázquez, from the Andalusian school. He showed yellow cards to Gonzalo Verdú (m.33), Diego López (m. 73), Helibelton Palacios (m. 85) and Pedro Bigas (m. 93)

STADIUM: Martínez Valero, before 13,449 spectators

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