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Benefits of installing solar panels in a home

The new electricity rate, established by time sections with their respective prices, It has brought more than a headache when it comes to adjusting these schedules to be able to attend to the needs of the home. Showers, washing machines, kitchen … and endless routines that require electricity in the most expensive section, from 18-22h, assuming a punishment for the consumer at the end of the day.

However, a effective solution to avoid being harmed by the new electricity rate is the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of country houses or single-family homes, taking advantage of the hours of sunlight that we enjoy on the Costa Blanca.

These residential facilities enhance the family self-consumption, while promoting the use of renewable energies and thereby building a more sustainable world. And to carry out this transition from the traditional consumption of polluting energy to solar energy, the Swedish company Svea Solar, based in Alicante since last March, is in charge of the entire process: from advice, project design, installation, up to permits and administrative procedures. A) Yes you will be able to own your own energy and benefit from the advantages offered by having solar panels on the roof of your house.

Advantages of having solar panels in a home

Having photovoltaic solar panels and storage batteries in a country house, a farm or chalets leads us to self-consumption of green energy itself, something that brings with it an important saving on the electricity bill, which can reach a 50% per month.

In addition, from the Svea Solar app the client has the facility to optimize the consumption of your appliances, so that you can schedule them for the time that interests you the most. Generally, this optimization aims to make use of the energy in the hours that more sun ago, which usually coincide with the most expensive time slot of the new electricity bill. In this way, we can program the washing machine or dishwasher at 12 o’clock or 1 o’clock and the light used in it will be free.

The Swedish company Svea Solar has its Spanish headquarters in Alicante RAFA ARJONES

It should be taken into account that the energy from the solar panels in a home is a renewable, sustainable and also free energy source and its use reduces dependence on fossil fuels.

Calculate what you save on the electricity bill with the solar calculator of Svea Solar.

How many solar panels does it take to power a house?

The number of solar panels needed in a home will depend on the energy consumption required by the customer, the power and the roof space. A solar consultant would determine the ideal number of panels based on the customer’s needs.

The minimum number of panels that a home would need for the installation to be profitable would be 6 solar panels.

The number of solar panels that are needed in a home will depend on the energy consumption that is needed

What is a household solar battery?

Energy storage systems are the perfect complement to your solar panels and with them you store your solar energy to be more self-sufficient and reduce the amount of your electricity bill. With them you can save excess energy you generate to use at night or on days with less sun.

Usually the battery will charge during the day And once the sunlight levels drop, it will be discharged, providing power to your home.

Anyway, you will stay connected to the electricity grid Therefore, if there was not enough energy generated by your solar panels or your home battery, you could use the energy from the grid. A) Yes, you maximize your self-consumption of electricity but you can be sure that you will always have the energy you need.

Where to install solar batteries?

Solar batteries, as a general rule, should be installed in a room or room with good ventilation conditions. Solar batteries are energy storage components and, for this reason, must be carefully ventilated.

Solar batteries must be carefully ventilated

Where is the energy from the solar panels directed?

The destination to which the energy generated in these facilities goes will depend on the use or needs of each home. Solar panels generate electricity when the sun shines, so you can use part of this energy in your home Immediately.

Secondly, the energy that you do not use will be poured into the electricity grid general for other users to take advantage of, and this action is compensated with a lower your electricity bill.

And finally, the use of batteries intended for self-consumption in the hours of less sun, by night or for household appliances that cannot be unplugged, such as the Fridge.

Help to install solar panels for self-consumption at home

In Spain, there are grants and subsidies that allow a savings between 40% and 50% in plate installations solar for self-consumption, as long as it is single-family homes or neighborhood communities. You just have to check if they are available for the area in which you are.

Svea Solar is looking for new professionals to increase its workforce in Alicante

Svea Solar is looking for workers for immediate incorporation RAFA ARJONES

With delegations in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Murcia and Malaga, and headquarters in the center of Alicante, Svea Solar has decided to establish itself in Spain because “this country has enormous potential in terms of hours of sunshine and because the solar energy market is still very underdeveloped ”, says Daniel Nilsson, Managing Director of Svea Solar.

The Swedish company emphasizes the strong growth that it has developed since last May, as well as the high demand of the installation of photovoltaic panels in Alicante and all the White shore, an area that has an infinity of single-family homes and chalets, perfect for placing solar panels on their roofs.

Therefore, Svea Solar is seen in the need to increase its staff in Alicante and is actively looking for workers to immediate incorporation. Check profiles, jobs and the location that is required.

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