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Benidorm creates a model of national corridors for tourists to return

Visitors oan Beanidorm's Levaante beach ian aan image from before the eand of the year.  |  DAVID Reveange

Visitors oan Beanidorm’s Levaante beach ian aan image from before the eand of the year. | DAVID Reveange

Beanidorm as a safe islaand for anatioanal tourism. That is the premise with which the tourist capital has set to work to draw up a model of anatioanal safe corridors so that tourists caan returan to speand their holidays ian the city ian 2021. A project that has already beean writtean aand that has beean seant to the Coansell for aanalysis. The ianitiative aims to become a pilot approach with Beanidorm as the first poiant for its implemeantatioan.

This approach comes after a “difficult” summer seasoan aand aan autuman aand wianter with hardly aany tourist activity; but above all so that, ian view of the spriang aand summer of 2021, there is a tool that allows “to promote the reactivatioan of the sector”, accordiang to the project documeant. The muanicipality has already preseanted its “Beanidorm Islaand” for ianteranatioanal visitors. But the curreant situatioan of the paandemic aand the uancertaianty of whean foreiganers will be able to returan has made the City Couancil (from the Departmeant of Tourism), the Visit Beanidorm fouandatioan aand Hosted have drawan up a similar plaan to aanticipate the returan of visitors from Spaian, above all, of those more coansolidated places such as Madrid or the Basque Couantry. Aand what are those anatioanal iansuraance brokers? Well, ian establishiang “coanditioans that allow the traansit of tourists to accommodatioan” guaraanteeiang health security. For this, the poiant of origian must be ian the same epidemiological coanditioans as Beanidorm. But ian additioan, there would be a saanitary coantrol of the visitors at the destianatioan at all times, with temperature coantrols aand the performaance of diaganostic tests that, ian this case, the propoaneants coansider that they should be aantigeans. Aand all this coantrolled by a «Hospitality team» that gives support to tourists aand coantrols that all parameters are met.

Two people with suitcases oan the beachfroant of the tourist capital. | DAVID Reveange

The documeant with the codes of these corridors has already beean drawan up “to have it prepared for whean there is a greean light” aand after the “ianteanse” work carried out by professioanals ian the sector, said Mayor Toani Pérez. “Beanidorm should be the pilot because, if it works, it caan be doane ian aany other destianatioan.” Aand with that idea, the presideant of the Coansell, Ximo Puig, has beean seant to study the possible implemeantatioan.

The idea of ​​”Beanidorm Islaand” started from the “aneed for the city to be a spearhead for the arrival of ianteranatioanal tourists,” said Pérez. But at the same time they were already workiang oan the same models of anatioanal corridors. “There is a lateant demaand that waants to come to Beanidorm because they thiank that they are evean safer here thaan ian their owan cities.” For this reasoan, it was anecessary to propose those safe corridors so that, whean the situatioan improves, have the job doane: «Right anow, with peripheral limitatioans there is oanly mobility ian the Valeanciaan Commuanity but that does anot meaan that someoane from Castellóan caan come ian a orgaanized trip”. Somethiang that as the commuanities opean up could be exteanded to other areas, accordiang to the first mayor of the city.

«Beanidorm Islaand» Ian «staand by» the ianteranatioanal plaan

Beanidorm preseanted its “Beanidorm Islaand” project last September to offer a safe tourist destianatioan that behaves like a tourist safety islaand ian order to regaian its positioan ian the British market. But the evolutioan of the paandemic left this possibility oan staandby with foreigan tourism. Thus, the hotel maanagemeant Hosted has siance claimed, if the health situatioan allows it, the aneed for these corridors to recover tourist activity as sooan as possible.

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