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Benidorm Fest: Spain is looking for its representative for Eurovision 2022

Regardless of who wins the final, Spain has already won with the Benidorm Fest. Varied proposals and the complicity of an audience that is no longer skeptical after years of boring pre-selection phases. Spain, finally, lives as its own a contest that is more European than domestic.

Lucía M. Cabanelas




Rayden and his ‘Calle de la llorería’ will open the Benidorm Fest; Blanca Paloma will close it. In between, almost nothing: Tanxugueiras, Varry Brava, Chanel, Rigoberta Bandini, Xeinn and Gonzalo Hermida. Who is your favorite?


The list of Luis Enrique, Barcelona or Real Madrid… and the demographic vote. Few things have generated as much division as the mechanism chosen by TVE.


By Fernando Castro Flórez, ABC art critic:
Thanks to the ‘bandini’, we have everything: spectrological kitsch, familiarizing rojipardismo, deconstruction of the integral band, nineteenth-century citationism (it is enough to name Delacroix for us to believe in
the barricades), sloppy or neo-sincere choreographies, exaltation of friendship and memory of the ‘regional chants’ (phases of drunkenness as everyone knows). What is scary is the part of the vote in which a ‘demoscopic’ I don’t know what is used, as if Tezanos himself and the CIS plumbers were behind the scenes.


The new voting system introduced by TVE is being controversial. To the vote of the jury (which counts 50%) and the televote (25%), we must add the demographic vote, a formula never used until now in a pre-selection that consists of a survey of 350 people and that also has a value of 25% in the final results.


Beyond the controversial vote of the professional jury, which relegated the Tanxugueiras to fifth position, the Galician trio threatens to revolutionize the grand final of the Benidorm festival with modifications in its staging. Its strong point, in addition to that mixture of tradition and modernity to the rhythm of the tambourines, is the song ‘Terra’, one of the most original proposals of the night.


There are two hours left before the final of the Benidorm Fest begins, so that Spain finally knows who will be the candidate for Eurovision 2022.


This will be the order of the Benidorm Fest final: Rayden, Tanxungueiras, Varry Brava, Chanel, Rigoberta Bandini, Xeinn, Gonzalo Hermida and Blanca Paloma, who closes the gala to achieve the Benidorm Fest Bronze Microphone and the passport to Turin.

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