Friday, March 31

BENIDORM FESTIVAL | Rigoberta Bandini’s boobs and Instagram censorship

It seems that the Benidorm festival is going to give a lot to talk about, even more so now that we are in the Final stretch to choose the representative of Spain in Eurovision 2022. And it is that since the celebration of the Benidorm festival of RTVE, in collaboration with the Generalitat Valenciana and the Benidorm City Council, the illusion for the festival of Eurovision. The “eurovision” madness is untied and social networks they boil with the defense of the favorites of the tweeters. But the name that is being repeated the most lately is that of Rigoberta Bandini and not only for his proposal “Ow mom”. The reason: his tits and Instagram.

The social network of posture par excellence has a problem with nipples and breasts, specifically female, and usually censor posts showing a nipple. But in this case the controversy has not come from a photo, but from a word: boobs. The social network Instagram has decided censor this word, which is mentioned in the song “Ow mom” with which Rigoberta Bandini will participate in Benidorm festival and replaces it with asterisks each time it appears.

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But the Catalan is not one of those who are daunted. Her response was immediate and the singer, who had been criticizing the veto of female breasts in social networks, showed his most vindictive side (never better said) to fight censorship, sticking out a chest in the most “pure Delacroix style”. It happened at his concert in Logroño, where he presented his new song with which intends to become the new representative of Spain in Eurovision 2022. bandini decided pull up your shirt on stage and show a tit while he continued his recital to the rhythm of the feminist anthem “Ow mom”. “I don’t know why our boobs are so scary, without them there would be no humanity and no beauty,” the artist sang while uncovering her breasts.

How could it be otherwise, the moment was picked up by numerous attendees and shared on social networks, turning Rigoberta Bandini into a viral phenomenon and raising the stakes for her in the club of the eurofans for him Benidorm festival.

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What is clear is that if the artist was already one of the public’s favorites at this modern Song Festival, has now taken a run in this battle to represent Spain in Eurovision 2022. But we will have to wait for the grand finale on January 29 to see if this ode to women, which vindicates the beauty of the female body, finally shows off its chest.

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