Thursday, November 26

Benidorm finally culminates the forced expropriation for the accesses to the polygon

The polygon is stuck due to the lack of the links to be built on the expropriated land.

The polygon is stuck due to the lack of the links to be built on the expropriated land.

It has been a long and expensive process but, finally, the forced expropriation of land to execute the necessary accesses to unblock the industrial estate faces its final stretch. The Benidorm City Council will bring to the next plenary session a proposal from the Councilor for Urban Planning, Lourdes Caselles, to complete an expropriation process that began more than three years ago and which is a sine qua non condition for the construction of the future tertiary area, in the which is projected, among others, the first shopping center in the city, to be built by the multinational Unibail Rodamco.

It is a surface of about 550,000 square meters, in which the so-called “Vial Discotheques” will be developed, as well as the north roundabout required by the Ministry of Development to give the green light to the partial plan that will allow the development of tertiary land. Not in vain, this vial will serve as link between the N-332 and Avenida de la Comunidad Valenciana, as already contemplated 30 years ago in the General Municipal Urban Planning Plan, approved in 1990.

The proposal of the mayor Caselles states that the City Council has managed to complete this forced expropriation of land by reaching a mutual agreement with the owners of a total of 28 parcels, which would cover more than 90% of the total area to be expropriated. To all of them, as a whole, the City Council will pay a little less than 464,000 euros as a fair price for 25 of the plots, while the owners of another three will be paid in kind; that is, by exchanging this land for utilization units in other partial plans of the city.

On the contrary, and despite the intense negotiations deployed over the years, the local government has not managed to seal an agreement with the owners of three other plots, which together total 3,388.66 square meters and with those who will now have to face each other before the Provincial Expropriation Jury, so that this body is the one who sets the fair price of the land as a previous step to judicial proceedings. Finally, there are three other parcels whose owners have not been notified of the forced expropriation in all this time, so they were published in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

The mayor of Urbanism indicated that, as regards the Provincial Jury, the Consistory is “Very calm and convinced that our appraisal is correct”, using as an example the agreement reached with the vast majority of land owners. Regarding the lack of notification to the owners of three other parcels, Caselles explained that the City Council will consign in the General Public Treasury the amounts corresponding to the municipal appreciation sheet, so that their owners can receive the money as soon as they claim it. .

The mayor’s proposal also provides for the immediate registration of the properties in the Property Registry and to forward all the agreements to the urban development agent of the polygon, Terra Village, which will develop a new project including the commitments acquired with the expropriated. Caselles advanced that the PP plans to consign funds in the 2021 budget to start the road works. Before that, the developer must recast the project and the City Council, put it out to tender and award it. However, the mayor trusted that the construction of this important infrastructure can begin in the second half of 2021 and, thus, pave the way to the Rodamco shopping center.

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