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Benidorm grants in the first months of the year 1.3 million in aid to families due to the covid

The mayor of the city, Toni Pérez, has indicated that with the rate of evaluation and resolution of files, “the clear objective that we set ourselves in this edition of 2021 will be achieved, which was to reach the month of July with all the applications valued ”. In fact, “we can anticipate that before the end of June all remittances will have been approved and published.”

Toni Pérez has pointed out that “through these 100% municipal aid, we go weekly injecting resources into the households that need the most support”. Resources that “are allowing these families to go through these difficult times with a greater guarantee.”

This 12th consignment, which will be published in the coming days on the Notice Board of the Electronic Office ( raises “the amount granted to date to about 1.3 million euros”, with a quarterly aid that “goes from 600 to 1,350 euros depending on the number of members of the family or coexistence unit”.

The mayor has outlined that “we are the administration closest to the public and therefore, from minute one, we have tried to serve all the people of Benidorm who expressed this need, thus alleviating in some cases the delay or lack of aid of the superior administrations that are competent and responsible in this matter ”, he pointed out.

Toni Pérez has stressed that “we are not going to give up on it”, and has advanced that “the City Council continues working on new models to inject economy both in homes and in the local productive fabric, trying to get to the moment of the opening of the tourist activity and to normality as soon as possible, always demanding that an incessant rhythm be adopted in the vaccination because it is the best way out of this crisis from the health field ”.

Once the remittance is published, appeals can be submitted to the denial of aid through the Electronic Office:

The aid plan for the accommodation sector is underway

On the other hand, the Benidorm City Council has also reported that the city’s accommodation sector will be able to request from next Tuesday, June 15, at 09.00 a.m., the new aid designed by the Consistory to alleviate the effects of the Covid -19.

The mayor, Toni Pérez, recalled that “these grants are exclusively directed, and regardless of the number of workers, to hotels, campsites, pensions, hostels, apartment blocks and management companies in Benidorm; a key sector in the tourism industry and that to date, it has received practically no financial support having been excluded from the vast majority of the different calls for aid launched by the different supra-municipal administrations ”.

Likewise, the councilor has stressed that “with this line of aid to which we allocate 3 million euros from the municipal budget, we want to correct this situation and inject resources into companies and establishments in the accommodation sector which, in many cases, 15 months after the pandemic was declared, they have still not been able to resume their activity ”. “The situation is not better for the establishments that have reopened their doors or that did not close them during the pandemic and therefore it is necessary to support them so that they can recover the levels of job creation and redistribution of wealth as soon as possible,” he said. pointed.

The mayor has specified that the amount of these grants “will from 1,000 to 90,000 euros depending on the category and number of rooms or apartments of the establishment ”. All the details on the amount of the aid, requirements and documentation to be contributed are included in the bases of the call, published on Tuesday, June 8, in the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP).

The bases can be consulted at the Electronic Headquarters of the City Council ( and also at the National Subsidies Base ( .

Applications must be processed through the Electronic Office, from 09:00 am on Tuesday the 15th to 11:59 pm on June 29th.

Toni Pérez has indicated that “the submission period begins next week, five business days after the publication of the bases in the BOP so that potential beneficiaries have enough time to collect all the documentation and thus formalize a single application. , avoiding duplication of files to speed up their evaluation and resolution ”.

The bases of the aid to the housing sector establish some aid tranches depending on the type of accommodation, category of the establishment and number of places.

1. 5-star hotels: 210 euros per room up to a maximum of 35,000 euros.

2. 4-star hotels: 135 euros per room with the following maximum limits:

a) Hotels with up to 500 rooms: 30,000 euros.

b) Hotels with more than 500 rooms: 60,000 euros.

c) Hotels with more than 700 rooms: 90,000 euros.

3. 3-star hotels: 135 euros per room up to a maximum of 16,000 euros.

4. 2 and 1 star hotels: 50 euros per room up to a maximum of 5,000 euros.

5. Hostels and pensions: 20 euros per room up to a maximum of 1,600 euros.

6. Campings:

a) Up to 500.00 places: up to a maximum of 3,000 euros

b) From 501 to 1,000 places: up to a maximum of 7,000 euros.

c) Over 1,000 places: up to a maximum of 11,000 euros.

7. Tourist apartment blocks:

a) Up to 50 accommodation units: up to a maximum of 2,500 euros

b) From 51 to 100 accommodation units: up to a maximum of 5,000 euros.

c) More than 100 accommodation units: up to a maximum of 8,000 euros.

8. Tourist housing management companies whose accommodation capacity is:

a) Up to 500 places: up to a maximum of 1,000 euros.

b) Over 500 places: up to a maximum of 1,800 euros.

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