Monday, October 25

Benidorm repeats an opposition to police with suspicions of fixing

Benidorm Local Police agents, patrolling the beaches last summer to comply with anticovid measures.

Benidorm Local Police agents, patrolling the beaches last summer to comply with anticovid measures.

The City Council of Benidorm will repeat a test included within a Selective process to fill 15 positions of Local Police agent what had to be annulled in October 2018 due to suspicions of an alleged tampering. This is reflected in an announcement published from the consistory itself in the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP), in which A total of 270 candidates who participated in this process and who had passed the two previous tests, the physical tests, are summoned to come to be examined again, two and a half years later, and thus be able to resume the procedure at the same point where it left off.

Applicants must go to be examined on March 30, at 11 am, at the Palau d’Esports L’Illa de Benidorm, where the multiple choice questionnaire that then caused the test to stop. So, as this newspaper published in its day, several applicants denounced an alleged fixation in the answers to benefit some opponents. For example, they claimed that some candidates had started to fill out the test before the questions were delivered, which could indicate that they knew the boxes to check; or that one of the applicants suspected of having cheated had the exam repeated the next day and went from scoring a 9 to a 1, after the questions were changed.

In addition to this call, the City Council has also launched another selection process which has caused an avalanche of opponents as it had not been remembered in the city for a long time. This is recognized by sources of the police force and this is confirmed by seeing the high number of registrations registered to oppose the test with which the Consistory hopes to definitively cover 16 positions occupied by temporary workers through the consolidation of temporary employment through a procedure of competition-opposition. Or put another way, to make fixed the 16 positions that have been held for years by long-term interim police officers, some of whom have even been in their positions for more than a decade without having been able to obtain a fixed position in all this time as the themselves and that now they will have to compete together with the rest of the candidates to qualify for the places.

A total of 411 people are part of the definitive list of admitted that the Consistory published yesterday in the Province Bulletin, after having resolved the allegations and the error correction phase, in which six other applicants have been left out.

The announcement about this process also gives an account of who will be the components of the qualifying court, which will be chaired by the chief mayor of the Local Police, Juan Fuertes; and summons the 411 admitted to the first test of the opposition phase, the measurement of height, which will take place on March 23 and 24, starting at 10 in the morning, in the Carrer de Pilota del Palau d ‘ Esports l’Illa de Benidorm. Those who pass this test will be summoned to participate in the rest of the phases planned for the selection of personnel, among which there will be several theoretical and practical tests, including a psychotechnical personality test; three physical events — 1,000-meter endurance run, long jump with run, and 50-meter swim; a multiple choice theory exam with 100 questions; a practical exercise on the development of a police assumption; and a medical examination. To applicants who have passed all these tests, the criteria of the contest phase will be applied afterwards, depending on the training, experience and other knowledge that are established in the bases of the call.

Background: Two processes punctuated by controversy

The announcement of the City Council to resume the opposition to 15 police positions paralyzed in 2018 tries to put an end, in this way, to one of the most controversial episodes that have occurred in recent years to alleviate the personnel deficit in the police workforce . But not the only one. Before this exam, the City Council also had to repeat the test of another selection process in 2017 to select ten interim agents to reinforce the workforce in the summer months, after the exam given to the 73 applicants came with the marked answers.

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