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Benidorm shows itself to the world with the new Zara lingerie

Image taken in Benidorm

The “shooting” took place last week, over two days and mobilized 26 people. The speed with which Zara posted the first images this Monday on its international websites has even surprised the City Council and the Benidorm Film Office, the municipal office in charge of capturing and coordinating shootings in the city. This was acknowledged on Tuesday by sources from both organizations, who indicated that, after a direct investment of about 25,000 euros between accommodation, meals and space rental by production, this campaign will also generate millions of advertising impacts all over the world with Benidorm as a backdrop.

Benidorm shows itself to the world with the new Zara lingerie

And new images could still come. Rosa Llorca, the person in charge of the Benidorm Film Office, explains that, in addition to the photographs that the multinational has already posted on its websites, others were also taken in a kart circuit located on the avenue of the Valencian Community that still do not see the light. In fact, the session was divided into two parts and was directed by two famous international photographers in the field of fashion and advertising: Robin Galiegue y Pierre Ange Carlotti. The first, of French origin and who usually works with large international brands, signs the snapshots taken in El Castell, during the May 3 session. The second is the author of the one that took place in karting, explains the official.

The architecture, some exteriors full of light and with a summer atmosphere were some of the elements that were sought to carry out the production, in addition to the facilities offered by the city to manage permits, reservations and stays in record time. BemySet, a production company in Valencia that has the city as one of its preferred destinations for this type of advertising work, was in charge of paving the way for North Six, the agency responsible for production and which finally opted for Benidorm after also considering a famous destination on the Côte d’Azur as a location.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, which in turn is the municipal head of Tourism, highlights the important “International projection of this production”, with which “the city links its name to one of the most influential brands in the world of fashion and with which it consolidates its recovery and positioning in the advertising segment.” Likewise, Leire Bilbao, head of the Visit Benidorm Tourism Foundation, explains that associating Benidorm with a great brand like Zara can help in a tourist moment as complicated as this so that there are «more people who want to meet us, who think that something will have Benidorm so that so many firms want to use it in their shootings or campaigns ».

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