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BENIDORM SKYSCRAPER | Construction reaches the Levante area: two new skyscrapers will rise over Benidorm

Construction has not stopped in the city or with the health crisis (Except for the 15 days that non-essential activity was prohibited). In the Poniente area, towers of more than 20 heights are rising. But Levante has not been sidelined during the pandemic either. And it is that they have advanced in several projects that will suppose millionaire investments in the city. This is the case of the 19-high tower that is projected in the Mediterranean, where a well-known Minigolf used to be located.

Machinery and operators have been working for weeks on the field of the future skyscraper that will be located on this plot that left the leisure business after more than 40 years in operation. The project began to take shape in 2018 but it was not until 2020 that it became a reality after the legal battle between both parties. Now this new skyscraper in Benidorm of the promoter Monver Inmobiliaria begins to rise and that will involve an investment of 5.5 million euros, according to the sources consulted by this newspaper.

The works to build a skyscraper on the Avenida del Mediterráneo in Benidorm. | DAVID REVENGA a.vicente

This building, on the second line of the beach, is not the only one who will arrive in Levante. Because a few meters before, at the height of Avenida de Europa, it is projected another 32-story skyscraper with 87 homes. Specifically, it will be erected on the site that was occupied by the old Las Terrazas building, a property with problems for decades and which was finally solved. This plot is the last one that is free on the Levante beach and occupies practically the entire block to the Mediterranean, a privileged place in the city. The same sources pointed out that the preliminary project has already been presented in the City Council and they are waiting for the approval.

The Las Terrazas building was demolished in its entirety in 2014 although it was demolished in phases since 2000. In 2019 an agreement was reached with the owners to create a deterrent car park as long as it was not built on the plot. Something that seems to be a reality in a short time if the construction forecasts are met.

The pandemic has not managed to end the urban development of Benidorm. At the moment, five skyscrapers are rising in the Poniente area and three more have been completed in recent months: the Intempo and the two towers of «Sunset Waves» with 29 floors and 132 homes. A few meters away the activity is frantic between machinery and cranes.

Five skyscrapers in Westeros

All are part of the development of the Poniente 2/1 sector, of 131,000 square meters, and La Cala. Thus, the towers that are underway are the two of “Sunset Cliffs” and the “Sakura”. The first two will have 28 and 30 floors and 280 homes with an investment of 86 million euros; the third with a Japanese name, will be 22 stories high and 76 homes. The urban fabric is completed with the works of the «Delfin Tower» (built on what was the only free plot on the first line of La Cala) and «Benidorm Beach». Two skyscrapers of 22 floors and 44 homes, and 36 floors and 196 homes respectively. However, it should be noted that all these towers will add about 1,000 new homes. The intention is that everything is finished in 2022.

Urban development in Poniente and the construction of new buildings in Levante “This is very good news for the city” and reflects that “companies continue to think of Benidorm to raise their buildings,” according to the councilor for Urbanism. Despite the pandemic, the activity “has not stopped and sectors are being developed that will make it possible to complete the urban fabric of the municipality.”

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