Thursday, December 2

Benidorm will allocate 900,000 euros to furnish the Cultural Center

But that amount, which will come out of the municipal coffers, will only cover the part of the work that is finished; that is, a third of the total building that has been erected to house the Benidorm Cultural Center It should be remembered that after years of paralyzed works, bureaucracy and problems with construction companies, the Society for Thematic Projects of the Valencian Community (SP TCV), dependent on the Consell, and the City Council signed in July 2018 a new agreement to finish a first phase that it will include a smaller conference room with 462 seats, a cafeteria and the facilities for music and dance conservatories The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, visited the facilities this past December and advanced that the works of that third of the building would foreseeable be finished in May 2021

The moment the Consell hands over those keys to the Benidorm City Council, the local administration will have to fill the property with everything necessary for that smaller room and conservatories

For this, the local government already had its “forecast” made, as the mayor told this newspaper, Toni Pérez They knew that the time to have to take on the furniture inside the infrastructure would come So it has been calculated how much that amount could amount to and those more than 900,000 euros have been budgeted for 2021 «We have calculated enough budget to provide the smaller room with everything necessary but also the basic equipment of the classrooms and work spacesBothth conservatories, “added the mayor To begin with, it will be necessary to put those more than 400 armchairs, lights, tables for the classrooms or even the mirrors and bars for the dance, among other furniture The mayor pointed out that “the City Council will make an effort so that there are no more delays and be able to have it ready as soon as possible” as soon as the Generalitat completes the current works

Years of waiting

The long-awaited Benidorm Cultural Center is years behind The history of this infrastructure started in 2006 from the hands of the then government of the PP in the Generalitat who signed the first agreement with Benidorm The project, from architect Juan NavarrBaldwineg, It was then awarded on March 1, 2007 to the UTDragonos and RoveAlisasa The bidding budget in those years amounted to 45 million euros and that offered by the UTE was lowered to 37 million In 2010 the works were paralyzed and, after years of promises, it was in 2015 that Puig announced, just after the elections, that it was a promise of his regional government to finish it in 2019 It was in July 2018 when that new agreement was signed that replaced to the first to finish the firsphase, andnd 11 million euros were put on the table, although finally the winner, the UTE formed by Ecisa-Orthem, has done so for 9 million euros (without VAT)

But in January 2019, after the announcement of the resumption of the works of the Cultural Center, another strike Finally in October of that year they started again with a new company, now yes, to finish that first phase

But Benidorm does not give up the rest The mayor pointed out to this newspaper that “we have been claiming for a year that negotiations must be resumed to finish the entire Cultural Center”, an “obligation” that the Consell acquired years ago and that they want to be fulfilled Meanwhile, the first mayor highlighted the role of the City Council “from minute one to bet on a solution” for infrastructure But the first thing will be to provide elements to what is already going to be completed in order to move there the Conservatory of Music and Dance and have a large room for events

Building Some tarps cover the unfinished part that still has no date

The works that are being carried out at the moment in the Benidorm Cultural Center correspond to a firsphase, andnd they cover only a third of the building that rose years ago The rest of the property will be pending for a new agreement and negotiation of the SP TCV with the City Council And it is that the ambitious initial project contemplated what is now going to be completed, although with a room with more capacity (instead of 462 it had 546) but also an auditorium with capacity for more than a thousand people, a large parking lot or a Museum So, until that can become a reality, the part of the building that will have no use was covered with large blue canvases on two of its facades to cover what until then had been a concrete skeleton in the middle of Avenida de Europa , one of the main in Benidorm, and that remained that way for years When the part now under construction has use, the rest will remain closed and pending completion However, a few days ago, the municipal group Ciudadanos (Cs) of Benidorm asked again that, at least, the Generalitat be asked to adapt a parking floor to compensate for those seats of less than the smaller room that will finally have the cultural space And, having space to park has also been claimed on several occasions by other business and social groups


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