Monday, January 25

Benidorm will discount a quarter of the garbage receipt to companies that closed due to the State of Alarm

The mayor of Benidorm, at the press conference where he announced both economic measures.

The mayor of Benidorm, at the press conference where he announced both economic measures.

The Benidorm City Council is going to discount 25% of the garbage receipt to all the companies and establishments in the city that were forced to lower the blind last March as a result of the Decree of State of Alarm for the covid-19 pandemic. This was announced this Wednesday by the mayor of the city, Toni Pérez, who has indicated that the Consistory will allocate one million euros to this line of direct aid for the business fabric.

The mayor has clarified that “by regional regulations, these direct aids are incompatible with those granted by the Generalitat on the occasion of covid-19 because this was established by the autonomous aid themselves.” They are compatible, however, with the different grants granted by the City Council. In any case, Pérez has affirmed that many freelancers and small, large and medium-sized companies have not received a response from the Generalitat on the aid requested at the time, so that now they will be able to opt for those promoted by the City Council, considering that the former “would be denied.”

The Consistory has already prepared the bases of this call, so that, once they are published in the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP), applications may be submitted, which the local government hopes to be able to attend “in full” with the million euros it has allocated for this purpose.

Likewise, the first mayor has stated that all types of establishments will be able to choose them, from large hotels to small shops, since the objective is to carry out a “direct injection into the productive, business and labor fabric of our city” to help alleviate the losses caused by the health crisis.

Window dressing contest

Likewise, Toni Pérez has also announced today another million euros to support companies that participate in the 27th Christmas Window Dressing Contest. As the mayor has recalled, traditionally the contest includes prizes of 3,000, 2,000 and 1,000 euros, to which this year “adds an access of 350 euros for all participating establishments”Are“ commercial, hotel, catering, restaurant or any other type of service ”.

Toni Pérez has pointed out that “we hope that the usual participation, which is usually around two hundred, will multiply until reaching 2,500 establishments, are open or not“, Thus contributing to the Christmas decorations installed by the City Council and” giving life to the city. ”

Regarding this measure, he pointed out that this formula will allow reaching the “establishments that have not been able to access the many grants generated by the Benidorm City Council, or those generated at the time by the Autonomous Community and the State, as the beneficiaries have pending the satisfaction of debts with some Administration, the majority contracted in these moments of difficulty, such as self-employment fees ”.

This same week all the procedures to launch these two lines of aid will be completed, the funds of which will be obtained after several budgetary modifications and will come exclusively from municipal resources, mostly from the current expenditure item that remains to be executed from 2020.

The 2 million euros that will be mobilized before the end of the year for both measures, are added to the close to 2.4 already granted in aid to families, as well as the money provided for aid to the self-employed, SMEs, companies and commerce; to the 120,000 euros reserved for aid to the taxi sector and the 200,000 euros that have been earmarked for aid to retail trade and which were contributed by the Alicante Provincial Council, as listed by municipal sources.

The mayor has advanced that “in the near future we will communicate more measures to alleviate the economic situation of families and the productive fabric of Benidorm.”

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