Thursday, August 18

Benidorm will give € 50 bonuses to all its registered residents to inject 6.2 million in commerce and hospitality

Inject at least 6.2 million euros into the local productive fabric this Christmas. With this objective, the Benidorm City Council has launched an initiative to launch a voucher with which to encourage consumption in commercial, hotel and restaurant establishments during the coming weeks, through which citizens will be able to obtain discounts of up to 50 % of the expense they make up to an amount of 100 euros. This was announced this Thursday by the mayor of the city, Toni Pérez, who was in charge of presenting this initiative, which has been called «Benidorm gives you more».

All registered citizens over 18 years of age and establishments of all kinds that have their activity and their tax headquarters located in Benidorm will be able to participate in the campaign. The former will have to register on a municipal website to be able to receive up to five vouchers of 10 euros, a total of 50 euros, which can be deducted from any purchase carried out in the premises attached to the campaign, provided that it has an amount of double the value of each voucher. That is, they will be able to use these 10-euro vouchers together or separately, for purchases or consumptions that start from 20 euros and up to 100 euros, half of which will be paid by the user himself and the other half, by the City Council. According to the registry data, the measure will reach about 62,000 citizens and the deadline for making purchases will be December 31.

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With respect to businesses, they must also join as participants in the campaign, providing their opening license or activity through an application and a web page that the Consistory is just finishing. Shops of all kinds, as well as hospitality establishments, will be able to participate. For this, the only requirement is that they have their fiscal domicile or their activity in Benidorm, except for the establishments registered in section 647.4; that is to say, with the sole exception of “retail shops of any kind of food and beverages on a self-service or mixed basis in supermarkets, when the surface area of ​​their sales room is equal to or greater than 400 square meters”, they indicated municipal sources.


To pay 50% of purchases between € 20 and € 100

The City Council will deliver to each citizen over 18 years of age five checks worth 10 euros, 50 euros in total, which can be used together or separately.

3.1 million from the budget

To carry out this campaign, the City Council will allocate 3.1 million euros from the municipal budget, the funds necessary to cover all citizens who could benefit from this measure. This was explained by the first mayor, who also recalled that the real economic impact on the productive fabric will double this amount, up to a minimum of 6.2 million euros: one hundred for each of the 62,000 citizens who can request this consumer voucher.

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The City Council is finishing setting up an application and a web page from which both users and participating establishments will be able to register and carry out all the necessary procedures. Pérez indicated that the “app” will be available in a few days both in the Play Store and in the Apple Store, so that it can be downloaded through all types of smartphones.

The mayor indicated that this campaign is born from “active listening and permanent dialogue with the business sector.” «Since the pandemic broke out, the Benidorm City Council has been providing aid and initiatives to serve the most vulnerable families and to contribute to maintaining the activity of the local productive fabric “, recalled Pérez, who also indicated that” our commitment has been, from minute one, to mobilize resources to serve the population and to the productive fabric as long as it is still necessary ”, as is the case.

The mayor recalled that 8 million euros have been allocated for this purpose so far this year, to which is added the income that has been no longer received due to the suspension of the table and chair fee since March 14, 2020 and until 12/31/2022 or the reduction of the ICIO to 50%. And he added: «With the arrival of the winter season and the consequent reduction in tourist activity and when the regional administration and the Government of Spain continue to penalize with their policy of restrictions on the productive fabric and families, with a basket of purchases, energy and consumption to the disproportionate rise, from the City Council we believe that it is time to inject more resources to help the population and the business sector with this initiative, from which both parties will benefit.

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Citizens who can benefit from this action

In Benidorm there are almost 62,000 registered residents over 18 years of age, who are the ones who can request the vouchers to consume.

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