Tuesday, September 21

Benidorm will pay 186,000 euros more for a land that it expropriated in 2017

The building of the old industrial laundry located on the land expropriated by the City Council.

The building of the old industrial laundry located on the land expropriated by the City Council.

In 2017, Benidorm Town Hall payment 314.000 euros to the company that owns a land in the Beniardà avenue in which previously there was an industrial laundry of which only the property remains in poor condition. That amount was the one that the consistory considered that the property was worth and that was set by the Provincial Expropriation Jury at a fair price. But now, two years later, a sentence of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJ) It states that the local administration will have to pay 186,000 euros more for that plot, all after the owners presented a contentious-administrative appeal against the resolution of that expropriation jury. The order of the Valencian court partially nullifies that agreement and places the price at 500,000 euros, “condemning the administration to pay” it and the default interest since 2017, according to the documentation to which this newspaper has had access.

Thus, a budgetary modification has been made to consign those 186,000 euros to which are added the late payment interest from recent years.

It should be remembered that this land is undeveloped land that according to the General Plan of 1990 the City Council had to obtain by expropriation to use it as an urban park. It was in April 2015 when the owner requested its expropriation and asked the City Council to pay a little more than 690,000 euros for those close to 3,000 square meters. The consistory rejected it and requested its own assessment from a company that set the price at 314,000 euros.

The expropriation was requested in 2015 by the company, which then claimed 690,000 euros for it

As there was no agreement between the parties, it was when the Expropriation Jury entered but the City Council then decided to pay the amount in which both parties agreed, those 314,000 euros.

To face the new payment to reach 500,000 euros, an extraordinary plenary session was held yesterday in which the local government included a budget modification, number 24, on the agenda, to be able to face that payment; an amount that will come out of the contingency fund of the budgets. Municipal sources indicated that, with this step, the expropriation of said lands ends.

Yesterday’s budget modification also included a change in the budget to allocate 600,000 euros to help vulnerable families that will translate into 3,000 cards of 200 euros each to be consumed in local businesses. The intention is that the beneficiaries of the Family Help line that Benidorm has been granting in these months have the BenidormCard under the slogan “I consume in Benidorm” loaded with that amount to buy in establishments in the city and thus boost consumption .

The delivery of the cards will take place on December 21, 22 and 23, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Youth Information Center (CIJB). Each of the 3,000 cards is pre-loaded with 200 euros that can be used in shops and local entities to make payments or purchase food and basic necessities, health and hygiene products, school supplies, textiles, footwear, restaurants, etc. between December 21 and January 20.

Both the mayor, Toni Pérez, and the Councilor for Family, Maite Moreno, highlighted the social aid component and the impact on the commercial fabric of this extraordinary aid to vulnerable people due to the current situation. Both PSOE and Cs indicated in plenary session that they agreed with the measure but not with the way to carry it out. The budgetary modification with both questions was approved unanimously.


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