Thursday, September 28

Benton Harbor, the place in America with so much lead-contaminated water that they can’t even use it to brush their teeth

  • Lioman Lima – @liomanlima
  • BBC News World


Image source, Getty Images

A new drinking water crisis affects the richest country in the world.

In Benton Harbor, a city a few hours from Chicago, in the United States, residents have been warned of something that, for many, should have been done years ago.

Michigan authorities issued a couple of weeks ago an emergency declaration to ask residents, as a “precautionary measure” not to consume the water that reaches their homes through pipes, not even for cooking, washing vegetables or brushing their teeth.

And it is that for at least 3 years, opening a water tap in many homes in the city of almost 10,000 inhabitants may imply opening a door to the disease.

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