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Benzema keeps Madrid alive in the Champions League

  • Zidane’s team survived a first half in which it was very inferior

  • Chelsea started winning, it was better and did not sentence the tie when it could

  • The French forward of Madrid appeared to, after two great actions, draw and give life to his team

  • The whites held out after the break thanks to the fact that they joined lines and stopped the entire attack of the match

Under a torrential rain at times, more typical of the British Isles than Valdebebas, the Chelsea he found himself on the way out of Champions semi-finals before him Madrid a placid first part, in which it generated danger to have reaped something more than a draw that, on the Madrid side, had all the merit in Benzema. The Frenchman was an isolated island of talent among the English blue that dominated the scene, although after the break the team of Zidane managed to join their lines and placate the rival, yes, at the cost of accepting a tie one that leaves the tie oriented to English interests, with a bad result that could have been much worse.

Much had been said that referees They had received orders from UEFA to make life difficult for Madrid, but after the game, the biggest problem for the whites was Chelsea and the controversy is in the only Madrid goal, with Casemiro’s support on Azpilicueta’s back in the pass from head to scorer Benzema.

Already at ten minutes, it did not look good for Madrid. The dominance, the danger and the initiative belonged to Chelsea, damaging in every action and without suffering in their area. I had already had to make a big stop Cuts. It was just the preamble to the first goal, which Pulisic he dribbled over the Madrid goalkeeper to score.

Each long ball of the English team was synonymous with danger, when it was not a transition with many spaces for the English facers or a robbery of Kanté. The Madrid system did not work. Zidane resorted to the defense of three centrals, but the speed at which Chelsea played was unattainable for a timid Madrid, without mordant, that could not penetrate between the compact enemy lines. Every attempt to steal the ball, to press, by Zidane’s team was synonymous with danger in the goal area. Cuts.

Benzema’s appearance

Still, among the manure the most vigorous flowers grow and, in two isolated outbursts, an immeasurable Benzema to tie, in a fact more unprecedented than some miracles, a game that Chelsea dominated with supremacy. The authorship of the goals in Madrid seems like a private hunting ground for the Frenchman: first he hit the post with an impressive shot and then, with a spectacular maneuver with control and shot, he made the Madrid goal.

In the first half, the white center of the field was not a problem for the English attacks, with Casemiro diluted between pressure attempts and the rest physically overcome. On the contrary, the usual ostentation of unbalancing passes from Kroos and Modric. After the break, Zidane’s team got together much more, the white midfield was more conservative in anticipation and Chelsea stopped.

The party balanced itself, without danger, or risks, in a kind of stillness that was broken with the changes of Tuchel, after which his team once again locked up Madrid around their area. The control of the ball became an English monopoly, already in the last 20 minutes, between the physical decline of Zidane’s men, who only found danger in the set pieces.

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Again, as in the first half, the best minutes of the Chelsea game passed without goals and, in the last five minutes, the team of Zidane ended up installed in the Mendy area.

Match sheet:



Real Madrid: Courtois (7); Carvajal (5), Militao (7), Varane (5), Nacho (5), Marcelo (4); Modric (5), Casemiro (6), Kroos (5); Vinicius (5), Benzema (9). Technical: Zindedine Zidane (5). Changes: Hazard (5) by Vinicius (m. 65), Asensio (5) by Marcelo (m. 76), Odriozola (6) by Carvajal (m. 76), Rodrygo (pb) by Benzema (m. 92).

Chelsea Football Club: Mendy (6); Christensen (5), Thiago Silva (7), Rudiger (6); Azpilicueta (6), Jorginho (5), Kanté (8), Chilwell (5); Pulisic (7), Werner (6), Monte (7). Technical: Thomas Tuchel (7 years old). Changes: James (7) by Azpilicueta (m. 65), Ziyech (6) by Pulisic (m. 65), Havertz (6) by Werner (m. 65)

Goals: 0-1 (m. 13) Pulisic. 1-1 (m. 28) Benzema.

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