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Berlin reaffirms its criticism of Morocco in Western Sahara

Correspondent in Berlin



The German Foreign Ministry it has once again expressed its “concern” about Morocco’s actions in Western Sahara. In response from the Government to a parliamentary question presented on Tuesday by Die Linke (The Left), the Ministry referred yesterday to reports according to which people are discriminated against or even prosecuted if they openly oppose the claim of Moroccan sovereignty in the region. “The federal government is watching this with concern,” says Secretary of State Miguel Berger.

After a letter was published in Rabat in which the Moroccan Foreign Ministry announced the interruption of all institutional relations with Germany and the German foundations, the Moroccan ambassador in Berlin, Zohour Alaoui, has been summoned to an urgent meeting to clarify the facts with Burger, who has stated that “from our point of view, there is no reason for diplomatic relations to be affected. Germany and Morocco have worked closely together for many decades, which we believe always benefits both countries. “In this sense, nothing has changed in German policy towards Morocco,” added the Secretary of State.

A source from a German cultural organization in Rabat comments that the leak of the letter was “very deliberate” and “the source could not be identified due to the sensitivity of the current political situation.” «The letter was published for the first time on social networks, but the local media seemed to have it at the same time. A coordinated leak like that, and a letter like that, would not have happened without the superiors knowing about it, “he deduces.

The trigger for the letter, according to Rabat sources, was the photograph published on Facebook of a Polisario Front flag in the regional parliament of the city-state of Bremen, last Saturday. “The citizens of Bremen today raise the flag of Western Sahara to remember a conflict that has been developing for 45 years (…) The flag is destined to hear that the Democratic Arab Republic of the Sahara (DARS) was elected today 45 years ago” , wrote next to the photo the Association BeN (Bremen Political Development).

The CDU Foreign Spokesperson, Jürgen Jardt, considers that the Moroccan decision to stop working with the German foundations is a “flagrant misunderstanding”. “Morocco is receiving financial aid of 1.4 billion euros from Germany in development cooperation,” he mentions, “we have big plans, including expanding the development of green hydrogen, Morocco must now explain itself and lay the foundations for continued cooperation as soon as possible. , and of course it is important that the foundations present in Morocco can work unhindered with the Moroccan civil society ». The spokesman for Foreign Affairs and the Greens, Omid Nouripour, also has the impression that “Germany has not contributed to the problem” and hopes that the “irritations will be resolved soon”.

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