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Berlusconi feeds rumors about his candidacy for the Italian presidency

Berlusconi publishes a video getting vaccinated and talks about his run for the presidency.

Berlusconi publishes a video getting vaccinated and talks about his run for the presidency.

The former Italian president and businessman Silvio Berlusconi, 85, published a video on social networks this Saturday while he is vaccinated with the booster dose against the coronavirus, while the Italian press assures that he is preparing to present himself as candidate to be the next President of the Republic.

“Vaccines are the instrument we have to defeat the covid and limit its effects on health and the economy. We have to avoid new mourning and closings. It is up to you: whoever has not been vaccinated, do so as soon as possible and whoever can do it, reserve the third dose, “Berlusconi wrote on social networks along with a video in which he sees how they are vaccinated and makes the sign of victory.

For Berlusconi, who contracted the virus in September 2020, it is the second inoculation, because as infected only needed one dose for immunization.

While the three-time president of the Italian Government was vaccinated, the media assured that he is preparing his career to try to be head of state, when Sergio Mattarella’s seven-year term ends in February.

“Missions abroad and acquisition campaign: Berlusconi’s strategy for the Quirinal”, published today the newspaper “La Stampa”, which ensures that the owner of the Finnivest company is looking for support in Europe and also in Parliament.

Next week, the “Knight” He will travel to Strasbourg on November 24 and 25 for the appointment of the European People’s Party (EPP) and will hold some meetings, while keeping a low profile in the media so as not to burn his image, says “La Stampa”.

“Berlusconi’s presidential campaign is in full swing, including a brochure sent to parliamentarians of the Democratic Party “, leave the diary “Corriere della Sera”.

The Milanese newspaper published that the deputies found in their mailbox of the Lower House “a biography of Berlusconi, with some of his interventions on the values ​​of liberalism, Catholicism and warranties “.

He adds that Berlusconi is also personally calling many of the parliamentarians, also from the Democratic Party (PD), to present his plan.

On February 3, the mandate of Mattarella, who has already reiterated that he is not willing to run for a second term, which has opened a period of uncertainty and political wars, since all pointed as his successor to Mario Draghi, the current president of the Government chosen precisely to promote a reform process with which to get the country out of the crisis derived from the pandemic.

The possibility of being able to repeat a mandate, as it already happened with Giorgio Napolitano in 2015 when he agreed to repeat the seven-year term at a time of political blockade, or at least one more year, it would have allowed Draghi to reach the end of the legislature in 2022 and conclude the process of reforms linked to the aid of the European Recovery Plan, and later think about being able to be elected head of state.

But if Draghi is finally indicated to occupy the Quirinal Palace, headquarters of the headquarters, that would inevitably lead to having to call early elections.

For this reason, at the moment there are no possible candidates capable of putting the parliamentary forces in agreement, while Berlusconi cherish the dream of your career.

In recent days, the name of the member of the PD and current European Commissioner for the Economy, Paolo Gentiloni, has been suggested on the left, while other names are also circulating, such as that of the independent and Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia.

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