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Bernie at Trumpworld: Sanders Visits ‘Imperative for Democracy to Survive’ | Bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders plans to visit “Trumpworld” to persuade supporters of the former president of the mistakes of his ways, the Vermont senator and progressive leader said in an interview published Sunday.

“I would have loved to run against him, to tell the truth,” Sanders said. told the New York Times of Trump, who lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden but persists both in his lie that it was the result of electoral fraud and in his control of the Republican Party.

Sanders ran for the Democratic nomination in 2016, losing a tough contest to Hillary Clinton, and in 2020, the last challenger to Joe Biden.

Trump, he told the Times, is “a fraud and he’s a phony. That’s what it is, and it has to be exposed for that. “

The 79-year-old refused to be lured by pop culture issues like his report friendship with singer Dua Lipa or her influence on fashion.

Instead, he spoke of infrastructure reform, to which the Democrats who control the Senate will return this week.

Sanders said that $ 2 trillion to $ 3 trillion, numbers touted by centrists, would be insufficient for a bill passed by rules that only allow Democratic votes. He has defended $ 6 billion.

He credited Biden for tackling “realities” from climate change to healthcare, “concerns progressives have had for decades.” He also dismissed criticism from the left for his relative closeness to the Biden White House.

“You know politics,” Sanders said, “with a shrug.” “You can’t please all the people all the time.”

He also said he did not prefer the progressive catchphrase “defunding the police,” a convenient stick for Trump and Republicans, and said he preferred “fundamental reform.”

“The life of a police officer is a difficult life,” Sanders said. “The schedules are terrible. Salaries, in many cases, are inadequate. It is dangerous work. It’s a high pressure job.

“We need to significantly improve police training. In certain communities, what is happening is absolutely unacceptable. You have to change it, period. We cannot have racism in the police. If you go to black or Latino communities, they want this protection. “

The senator was glad to be drawn to Trump, who on Sunday told Fox Business Supporters who attacked the United States Capitol in the deadly riot on January 6 acted out of “love.”

Saying he wanted to speak directly to those people, Sanders said “sometimes some of the Democratic elite don’t fully appreciate” the struggles of the white working class.

“We have to take him away,” he said. “I intend, as soon as I have three minutes, to start logging into Trumpworld and start talking to people.

“It is absolutely imperative for democracy to survive that we do everything we can to say, ‘Yes, we listen to your pain and we will respond to your needs.’ That’s what it’s really about.

“If we don’t do that, I am very afraid that conspiracy theories, big lies and drift towards authoritarianism will continue. You have all these people who are saying, ‘Does anybody pay attention to me?’ “

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