Thursday, October 28

Bernie Sanders Calls for $ 2,000 Monthly Checks in Facebook Status and Users Overflow with Opinions

A simple question from senador Bernie Sanders in a status on your account Facebook on stimulus checks of $ 2,000 per month sparked tens of thousands of reactions and comments, most in support of the proposal.

“How would direct monthly relief payments of $ 2,000 impact the lives of you and your family?” Reads the post shared Saturday from the Social Democratic legislator’s profile on the social network.

Immediately, the participation of users in publication was evident and they skyrocketed in support of the idea.

The opinions of Facebook users

As of Wednesday afternoon, the impromptu poll of Sanders, who has been a vocal figure in recent months in the discussion of a third round of stimulus payments, had more than 104,000 likes and more than $ 50,000 comments.

“I would pay my debts and start saving to buy a house. I would not have to worry about how the public health crisis would affect my industry, ”shared one user.

Another stated: “I would catch up with my housing needs and be able to help my sick parents. I would seek psychological help for myself that for which I currently have no coverage ”.

The message of another user reads: “Paying my debt faster will allow me to invest to save for the education of our children, improve our house and be able to invest in things we want and not just basic needs.”

“Medical bills and student debt. I have almost no credit card debts, they are all school and medical ”, highlights one of the messages.

“I would feel like I can breathe again and I can seek medical and dental care that I have been putting off and currently cannot afford even though I have health insurance,” adds another comment.

How would direct monthly relief payments of $2,000 impact the life of you and your family?

published by Bernie Sanders in Saturday, February 13, 2021

Third stimulus check before the House and Senate consideration

Currently, the House of Representatives is evaluating the different sections of the stimulus plan proposed by the Biden Administration that includes the checks for $ 1,400 that the president has said will complement the base amount of $ 600 of the second round of payments that began to be distributed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at the end of last December.

Despite calls by some Democrats for the base amount of the third stimulus check to be $ 2,000 and not $ 1,400, the bill before the United States Congress establishes the latter figure.

Sanders has been inclined to favor the Biden Administration’s proposal, but when the discussion arose to lower the income level for eligibility with the intention of targeting payments even more, he joined the most progressive of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives. to claim that the thresholds were kept at $ 75,000 (individuals) and $ 150,000 (marriages) as in the previous stimulus laws.

As a result of pressure from the group of legislators, the Democrat Richard Neal, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, presented legislation that establishes said amounts to obtain the third stimulus payment in full.

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