Thursday, January 27

Bertín Osborne, again investigated for billing in Panama

The Central Court of Instruction number 5 of the National audience has been investigating a plot of tax managers for a few years that they would have provided opaque structures to large fortunes and private corporations to hide money in banks located in tax havens. Hacienda works to uncover the list of possible defaulters who have tried to avoid paying taxes in Spain. Every year new names are released and a new one has come to light that seems not to have been too surprising: the singer and presenter Bertin Osborne.

Bertín Osborne created a corporate structure with ramifications in tax havens to try to avoid paying taxes and outstanding debts with the Treasury. He established his residence in Luxembourg and assigned his contracting rights to a Panamanian instrumental company. For all this he had the help of the manager Joaquín Arespacochaga Llópiz, alleged mastermind of the plot of the PSOE that diverted 14 million euros of public subsidies to industrialize Cádiz.

These events range from 2000 to 2006 and are being analyzed by experts from the Tax Agency. The Treasury began to claim Bertín in the payment of amounts corresponding to his income statement almost 20 years ago that led the singer to suffer the garnishment. It was even sentenced to prison terms, although he defended himself and appealed.

In 2002, the Treasury was already seizing the wages he received from Antena 3 for presenting programs, but to avoid this, Osborne gave Canterbury Operations SA his rights of ‘artistic representation’ so that all his professional income would pass through that Panamanian instrumental company. The presenter signed this transfer of rights contract as a resident of Luxembourg.

The singer has recognized the facts and wanted to show his repentance “That It was the biggest mistake of my life more than 20 years ago: trusting a tax advisor while I was living in the United States. I already paid for that mistake more than five million euros and was judged for it. I hope I do not have to go through a second trial 20 years later “he has confessed to ‘El confidential’, a medium that has brought this new information to light.

But in addition to these facts, it has now been uncovered that the presenter used another Panamanian company called ‘Artistic Trading SA’, which was established in collaboration with the office of Los Papers de Panamá to carry out real estate transactions of several million euros. In 2016, when he began to present in ‘En tu casa o en la mía’ Bertín Osborne admitted that he had started the company again to be able to face the last pending payments he had with the Treasury and that he quantified at 1.6 million euros .

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