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Besides New York, which other states require proof of vaccination to enter indoors

Several states and cities are studying implementing the New York measure.

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Again, The United States is going through a strong frontal fight against the coronavirus pandemic, since in the last weeks it has been registered a considerable spike in the number of cases, apparently caused by the Delta variant of COVID-19.

This has caused several states to take a step back in terms of returning to normality, as some authorities have decided to re-implement certain measures and restrictions in order to try to stop and break the chain of infections.

Again, in some cities and states, the population has again been asked to wear masks, especially in closed and crowded places, as well as take tests prior to making flights within the nation and there are even state governments that are requesting the vaccination certificate both visitors and its own inhabitants to visit sites, especially those that are closed.

In fact, New York became the first US state to impose this restriction. Its mayor, Bill de Blasio, announced in recent days that those who wish to enter places such as bars, restaurants, gyms or show rooms, They must show their vaccination certificate, which is only given to those citizens who have completed the immunization schedule.

“People are going to receive a very clear message: if you want to participate fully in our society, you have to get vaccinated,” De Blasio said at a press conference, in which he stressed the importance of more citizens taking this step.

In which other states do you ask for a coronavirus vaccination certificate?


Although it is not a general measure, on August 2, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that state employees and healthcare workers will have to show proof of the COVID-19 vaccine or have regular tests (once a week). The order also applies to employees who work in high-risk collective spaces, such as prisons and homes for the elderly.

Also, some San Francisco restaurant and bar owners They have decided to request the vaccination certificate from clients who want to enter their premises, for everyone’s safety.


Although it is not a requirement for its inhabitants, last weekend the famous Lollapalooza music festival was held, where the organizers allowed their attendees not to wear masks as it was an outdoor event, but they did require completed coronavirus vaccination certificates or anti-COVID tests of not more than 72 hours to the public so that it could enter.

New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy also reported that Transportation, jail, hospital and nursing home workers will be required to get vaccinated or undergo periodic testing. Similarly, he also noted that even more drastic measures could be taken with residents or businesses.


Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said vaccination will be mandatory for the city’s more than 11,000 employees.

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