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Best electric city bikes you can buy in 2022

There are many electric bikes for sale, although the vast majority are mountain bikes. If you prefer something more manageable for the city, we have some suggestions.

Sustainable urban mobility is a clear short-term objective for all cities, which seek to take cars out of circulation in already highly saturated environmentsand there both bikes and scooters are fundamental allies, hence in many cities the purchase of these vehicles is even subsidized.

Within the category of electric bicycles, the so-called rides are perhaps one of the best options for the city, and they are not only quite comfortable but also usually have a basket or carrier to carry bags, a backpack or whatever you need.

They are quite common models in most European cities and here they begin to spread little by little. If you live in a city with slopes and unevenness, the electric motor and assisted pedaling are obviously a fundamental help.

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Its price is somewhat more affordable than in road or mountain versions, with some models of approximately 600 euros in stores of all kinds, including Amazon.

We have chosen some that may interest you and that have quite good benefits to move from home to work, to university or wherever you want.

  1. MOMO Design Venice
  2. F.lli Schiano E-Moon
  3. Moma Bikes EBIKE-20.2
  4. Nilox 30NXEB275V002V2
  5. Moma Bikes 26″
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MOMO Design Venice

MOMO Design Venice

We start the list with the MOMO Design Venecia, a simple but quite good bike to go around the city, with a moderate weight and adjustable rear carrier.

It has six speeds and several assisted pedaling modes, including one for driving at just 6 km/h, ideal for high-traffic areas, something common in the city.

Its price is very cheap since it barely exceeds 600 euros, so it is a very valid option for tight budgets.

F.lli Schiano E-Moon

F.lli Schiano E-Moon

This brand is one of the ones that sells the most and best bicycles in Spain, especially on Amazon, and one of them is this white E-Moon with everything you need in a city bike.

To begin with, it does not go out of price, or not too much, and it costs just over 700 euros. It is quite minimalist, includes a carrier and assisted pedaling up to 25 km/h, which is really fast.

The 250 W motor has the usual power in electric bikes of any type and allows you to overcome slopes with little effort. and maintaining a constant speed.

Moma Bikes EBIKE-20.2

MOMA Bikes ebike 20.2

We now turn to one electric bicycle that is also foldable. It is not exactly for a ride, although its design is very similar to that of this category.

It takes up little space once you fold it, so if you have little space at home it is a good option, and with a 250 W motor as well, since it is small but mighty.

It does not give up the carrier, so you can carry a backpack in it without leaving your back and without spending too much either because its price remains at 899 euros.

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Nilox 30NXEB275V002V2

Nilox 30NXEB275V002V2

This is another design that strays a bit from the usual lines on touring bikes. The bar is somewhat higher, although it is still very comfortable and manageable a priori.

reaches 45 km of battery autonomy with a charge of only five hoursso it will not be necessary to leave it connected for too long either, and its weight is not very high because the frame is made of aluminium.

Comes with an LCD screen ideal to see in real time the speed, the distance traveled, the power used and even the calories you have burned since you got on.

Its price, yes, is somewhat higher than that of others: it exceeds 1,000 euros, although there are usually offers that leave it somewhat cheaper.

Moma Bikes 26″

MOMA Bikes 26″

If you are more of classic models, this one from MOMA Bikes is it. It is for a walk as is, and meets everything you need

In terms of performance, it has little to envy others, with a 250 W brushless motor and a very good autonomy of up to 80 km, although it clearly depends on the pedaling mode you use, adjustable to five different levels.

It moves around 1,000 euros in price, depending on the moment, although if what you are looking for is a bike with a good battery to travel many km, it is a good choice.

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