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Best Online Programming Courses with Certificate of Completion

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These programming courses will help you find a new job and also have an official certificate that confirms what you have learned.

Surely you know that one of the most demanded jobs is that of programmers. There are millions of companies hiring programmers all over the world, even in times of recession. That is why it is important to have programming courses with certificatesit can make you stand out from other candidates.

Talking about programming is something very general. There are many programming languages, but you have to start somewhere. That is why we have chosen several courses of all kinds to start programming or to learn more about the most popular languages.

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These courses are available on platforms such as edX, a leader in this world thanks to the fact that it is allied with large renowned universities offering free programming courses and others with professional certificates.

You will also find courses on Udemy, where teachers from all over the world teach hours and hours of their experience on video on demand so that you can learn programming with them.

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science from Harvard University

This is one of the most famous introductory computer programming and engineering courses on the internet. It is the course that Harvard gives to all their new students in computer engineering and that you too can take on edX.

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This course is taught by Harvard University and is a program that lasts about 12 weeks with sessions from 6 to 18 hours per week. It is a free version and it has additional payment options. It’s in English.

In total, more than 4 million people have taken it and it is considered one of the most important bases to start in the world of programming.

Computer Science for Python Programming

Computer Science for Python Programming from Harvard

Another of the most interesting courses that you can take and with a certificate upon completion that can be very important in your career is “Computer Science for Python Programming”.

It is the course to learn to program in Python taught by Harvard University and that lasts a total of 6 months with sessions between 5 and 14 hours per week.

Its price is 321 euros and it is one of the most robust courses that also familiarizes you with HTML, CSS, C, SQL and JavaScript. Keep in mind that this course integrates the previous one (CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science) as an introduction.

Complete Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, JS AJAX PHP and MySQL

Complete Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, JS AJAX PHP and MySQL

Already in Udemy and in the section of development courses totally in Spanish you will be able to find one of the best known and taught in Udemy. Is about Complete Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, JS AJAX PHP and MySQL taught by Juan Pablo de la Torre.

This course includes over 82 hours of video, 83 downloadable resources, and lifetime access to the course from any device. Considering that it is on sale for less than 17 euros, it is a bargain.

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Python TOTAL – Advanced Programmer in 16 days

Python TOTAL – Advanced Programmer in 16 days

Python is one of the most important programming languages ​​you can learn (apart from JavaScript) to get a good job.

This course by Federico Garay teaches you everything you need to know about Python in a total of 30 hours of video on demand, with 16 reference articles, 122 downloadable resources, and 162 programming exercises. All with lifetime access on Udemy.

The course is on sale for 16.99 euros on Udemy.

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